Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Run, Jeb, Run

Jeb Bush is making noises for 2016:

A dozen years after he ran his last political campaign, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is gearing up for a 2016 presidential bid – a campaign that would open up a new front in the Republican Party’s ongoing civil war.

Mike Allen reports in today’s Politico Playbook that according to Bush’s friends, he’s “leaning more yes than no” on launching a run. He’s campaigning for Republican candidates in Senate battlegrounds like North Carolina and Kansas, and Allen reports, “has headlined several fundraisers where the candidate COMES TO FLORIDA, where Jeb knows everyone.” The fundraisers, Allen writes, give us REASON TO THINK that Jeb will aim for a Bush restoration: “That means that the proceeds are all NEW MONEY for the guest, and the candidate gets to meet new supporters and build his or her own network.”

One of the finest ways to put corporate education reform on trial is to have Jeb Bush, a strong proponent of much of the reform agenda, run for president.

His education policies in Florida will get a much closer look if he runs, as will the money he's made from his business interests.

Both of those could use some more scrutiny.

And of course Bush is a huge proponent of Common Core, so if he runs, he's going to have defend the Core within his party, and given how poorly the Core is held by grassroots Republicans and Tea Party people, that should be worth a lot of laughs.

So run, Jeb, run - nothing better than to shine a little light on your money-making off education reform, your failed education reform agenda in Florida, and the disaster that is Common Core.


  1. Cannot win due to his brother. Making CC a national issue that was openly debated by our nation works for me.

    1. Having the name "Bush" would certainly hurt for the general election, but his position on immigration reform would most certainly hurt him in the GOP primaries, as would his support for CCSS. Not to mention, he hasn't run a political campaign in 12 years - that's a lifetime ago in politics. So yeah, he's not winning anything. Still, hope he runs - love to see him get beaten up in the primaries.