Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chris Christie Says Schools Without Teachers Unions Would Be "Nirvana"

We must destroy the village in order to save it:

Governor Chris Christie said that the academic achievement gap can't be fixed until after a "fundamental fight" with the teachers unions.

"We know how to fix this, but we’re not doing it," he said Wednesday afternoon during an interview with Campbell Brown, of the Partnership for Educational Justice and, at an education summit in New Hampshire. "We’re not doing it because the teachers unions and the educational establishment, not only in New Jersey but across the country, know that fixes to that take apart the monopoly they have on education."

"And until we have that fundamental fight in this country as to who’s going to run education in this country, parents or unions, until we fix that and come to a conclusion on that, we’re not going to be able to fix the achievement gap." (He later said that schools without teachers unions would be "nirvana.")

Schools without unions would be "nirvana"?

Well, at least he's honest about wanting to destroy teachers unions.

Nice thing is, his political future is destroyed, what with Bridgegate and a few other scandals related to Port Authority funds and his cronies hanging around his neck, New Jersey an economic and quality-of-life mess, and Donald Trump stealing the outrage vote from him in the GOP primary fight.

His latest poll numbers have him dropping out of the top ten in the Republican presidential primary battle, which means he may not get an invite to the next big table GOP debate.

As I posted after Christie said he'd like to punch the teachers unions in the face, his teacher bashing isn't helping him in either approval with New Jersey voters or GOP primary voters.

When he shows up at an unvetted event, people let him have it, Bronx cheer-style.

Quite frankly, Ralph Kramden and his big mouth are done, his political career is over (he's term limited in New Jersey and his chances of getting elected president are about as good as mine) and it couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.

Enjoy political obscurity, Chris.

Maybe you can ask George Pataki how he deals with it when you see him on the campaign trail.


  1. I hope you're right. I thought he was the strongest debater, after Trump, at the recent Fox event. The guy is aggressive, obnoxious and very intelligent. The problem he has is people don't like him, but that won't nesessarily stop people from voting for him - if they feel he's a best candidate in pack of duds.

  2. I guess these politicians don't get that the 1% is just using them to get their agenda across. They will wine and dine those politicians and those dumb politicians love rubbing elbows with the 1% like they are one of them.

    Once they're done with those same dumb politicians, 1%ers move on to next dumb politician.

    Dumb politicians have to decide what's more important: $$$$ from 1% or votes

  3. The previous commenter thinks he's smart. You think he's dumb. I'd say it's not a question of intellect, but that he's smart enough to know that after he gets term-limited, there won't be enough votes, but the $$$$ will still be there as consolation.