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Perdido 03

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Imagine This Happened Under De Blasio Instead Of Bloomberg

I'm still on a rant over the Post coverage of the "skyrocketing crime" in NYC because it's politically motivated and jive.

As I pointed out earlier today, horrific crime took place during Mayor Mike's term in Bloombergville, but it never got connected to the larger narrative of "NYC Unraveling" that the Post and others connect these stories to now.

In going back and looking at the last months of the Bloomberg administration, when the Posties were already hawking a "The Bad Old Days Are Coming Back If De Blasio Is Elected" narrative, I found this post.

I reprint it now to point out how the Post easily could have run with a "NYC Unravels Under Absent Bloomberg" narrative if they had so chosen back in 2013 when these horrible crimes occurred and almost certainly would run as a "NYC Unravels Under De Blasio" narrative if they occurred today:

Why The "Historic Low" Crime Statistics Bloomberg Hawks Are Not Believeable

Howie Wolfson likes to tweet the lie that NYC is the safest it's been since the 1950's, with crime at "historic lows."

But tell that to the man who was chased 50 blocks by a motorcycle gang and then beaten on a Washington Heights street in broad daylight in front of his wife and two year old.

The man had called 911 from his cell phone as he was being chased by the motorcycle gang, but police never responded to the call until after the man was brutally beaten and the gang got away.

The chase went on for more than 50 blocks, then ended up in Washington Heights where the motorcycle gang pummeled the man.

There were no NYPD officers anywhere in that stretch that saw this chase?

There were no NYPD officers in the area who could respond to the 911 call from the man?

Where the hell were the cops?

Were they too busy down by Zuccotti Park frisking people to respond to Mad Max on the West Side Highway?

As I wrote last night, this is just an unbelievable story.

And yet, it happened in Bloomberg's New York.

Just the way a man was punched in the face and put into a brain dead coma at Union Square a couple of weeks ago:
A white man who was punched in the face in Union Square by a black man who was spewing anti-white sentiment died early Monday at Bellevue Hospital, a police source said.

Jeffrey Babbitt, 62, fell into a coma after he was randomly attacked Wednesday afternoon by a man who was yelling, “I’m going to punch the first white man I see!”

Lashawn Marten, 31, was arrested on charges of misdemeanor assault in the attack. The unprovoked punch knocked Babbitt backward, and he hit his head on the ground.
Babbitt lived in Brooklyn and was caregiver to his mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease, neighbors said.
After Marten assaulted Babbitt, he attacked two men who tried to help the stricken man, and then challenged two responding cops, officials said.
Just the way another man was pounded by a group of men in a bias crime in Sunset Park last week:

An attack in Brooklyn is being investigated as a hate crime, but the victim says he's not gay.

David Jimenez, 40, was on South Third Street and Bedford Avenue walking his dogs last Wednesday night.

He says he ignored a group of people screaming gay slurs at him, but he says the group attacked him anyway.

He suffered a broken nose and a fractured eye socket.

Police caught one suspect and charge him with assault and possession of a controlled substance, but the Brooklyn District Attorney's office says the defendant wasn't charged because of discrepancies regarding his identity.

"My head, it cannot comprehend how this is the case, where you literally catch someone with blood in their hands, because when he was taken in, his fist was full of blood, and he's out here walking while I'm in here locked in my house because I'm afraid of going outside," Jimenez said.
Jimenez is now resting at home.

He's expected to undergo surgery on Wednesday.

Wolfson and other Bloomberg shills like to point out the official crime statistics that show the lowest levels of violent crime since the 1940's and 1950's as proof positive why Mayor Bloomberg is a municipal genius.

But the statistics are phonied up - the crime data is manipulated.

We know that the NYPD downgrades crimes from felonies to misdemeanors, we know that they try and talk people out of filing crime reports, we know that they play funky with the stats.

That's proven.

We also know that so much of the data the Bloomberg administration touts as being "historic" is manipulated and phony - from the test scores and graduation rates to the emergency response times.

Given the preponderance of these violent stories in the media, it's difficult to believe the "historic lows" propaganda Wolfson and the other Bloomberg shills hawk on Twitter and elsewhere.

Especially when you have a man and his family chased for more than 50 blocks on the West Side Highway and beaten in broad daylight and not one cop is in sight to stop this or responds to the 911 call the man frantically put in.

And especially when we know the cops manipulate the stats because they've been caught doing it.

This is less about defending de Blasio than just pointing out the criminal negligence many in the media displayed in their coverage of Bloomberg as mayor and how they don't give de Blasio the same kid glove treatment.

I guess that's how it goes when one mayor is a media mogul who can hire 30 journalists in one fell swoop and the other, well, isn't.

But when it comes to the NY Post, this is just a daily, concerted effort to frame a narrative meant to destroy de Blasio and usher in a mayor more friendly to Rupert Murdoch's political views.

And you can bet once they get their mayor more friendly to Murdoch's views, they'll drop the "City Unraveling" narrative no matter how many people get punched to death in Union Square or chased and beaten by a 50+ member motorcycle gang of thugs and undercover cops.

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