Thursday, October 8, 2015

69% Rate Cuomo Negatively On His Handling Of Common Core

 From News 12:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo got slammed by a new poll regarding his handling of the controversial Common Core curriculum.

In the News 12/Hofstra University poll, nearly 40 percent rated the governor as "poor" on the issue.
A total of 3 ½ percent said "excellent," 17 percent responded "good" and 29 percent rated the governor's performance as "fair."

The way this works is, excellent and good are considered positive reponses, fair and poor considered negative ones.

So 4% and 17% = 21% positive on Cuomo's handling of Common Core.

And 29% and 40% = 69% negative on Cuomo's handling of Common Core.

You can bet he's been polling internally and knows exactly what these numbers are.

That's why the sudden Common Core review announcement right before school started.

But of course since the panel that will conduct the review is rigged to offer a pro-Common Core/pro-Endless Testing regime agenda, these numbers aren't going to change.

We're too long into the Education Reform Era for people to be fooled by tweaks at the edges of the Endless Testing regime and a Common Core name change.


  1. Anyone notice how big moskowitchs ears are? I mean this woman has the biggest ears I have ever seen and some large warts as well. The warts are a sign that this woman is evil and needs to rid herself from the NYC landscape. Take your charter bull crap elsewhere with your union busting mentality. This jerk needs to go along with her huge ears

  2. I guess everyone heard him say how much he was for it until he realized he'd be better off being against it? Andrew Andrew Andrew. Some of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time but you haven't fooled anybody in years now.

  3. If only hed follow through and attack the monopolists destroying education--the prep company the test company the consultants the vendors et al--he almost hada good idea

  4. Ahhh yes. Columbus Day weekend. Before you know it, Election BS Day and Veterans Day, followed by a nice 4 day Thanksgiving. Leading right to Xmas break. January FREE month is high schools leading to winter break. Gotta love teaching. Simple career especially if you're an ICT teacher in a high school. I have about 7-9 kids in a class where the main teacher actually teaches. I'm the glorified para making 100K. I cannot believe they killed self contained and put 2 (sometimes 3 of us together) in one room. Who came up with this? Thank you, whoever you are. Thank you so much. I don't even teach. Sometimes I can't believe it's really happening.

  5. consultant teacher model: biggest scam ever. 100+k to walk around the school and do jack squat. and people wonder why there is division amongst colleagues.

    i must give credit though to the genius who passed this off as a good idea. wish they'd do this for core subjects!