Thursday, October 8, 2015

Eva Moskowitz Not Running For Mayor

This is not a surprise:

Eva S. Moskowitz, the outspoken charter school leader who galvanized critics of the de Blasio administration, has signaled to close allies that she is leaning against a bid for mayor of New York in 2017, according to several people told of her discussions.

The prospect of a run by Ms. Moskowitz has been seen as a significant threat to Mayor Bill de Blasio, a fellow Democrat and longtime antagonist, particularly if her candidacy was backed by wealthy donors who support her prominent charter network, Success Academy.

Ms. Moskowitz scheduled a City Hall news conference for Thursday morning to reveal “her political plans.”

According to a person told of her thinking, Ms. Moskowitz has viewed the speculation about her candidacy as a distraction for her charter school network, which is reliant on the city for school space, and for donors who might confuse the schools’ educational mission with the political ambitions of a potential candidate.

According to two people told of Ms. Moskowitz’s thinking, she is unlikely to say on Thursday that she is pursuing a campaign.

She was never a "significant threat" to de Blasio.

She's too polarizing, has a reputation for nastiness and runs a charter school network famed for children who are so afraid to take a break from test prep that they soil themselves - there is no way she could win a race for City Hall.

Rather, a more friendly pro-charter figure without baggage - especially someone of color who could cut into de Blasio's support with black voters - is a significant threat to de Blasio.

These reporters need to stop feeding Eva's ego here - wouldn't matter how much money Eva's Wall Street sugar daddies gave her for the race, she has serious flaws as a citywide candidate and I bet she knows that.

It was said, I think in Eliza Shapiro's Politico NY piece on Eva a while back, that Eva was going to poll before making a decision on whether to run or not.

I bet she's been polling and has discovered that her appeal is low, her favorability rating in the toilet and a clamoring for her to run for mayor non-existent.

But because this is Eva and everything is always about her, she needs to make a grand announcement with all the attendant drama we've gotten here.

What a piece of work she is - self-centered, arrogant, hubristic, and vindictive.

Quite frankly, a perfect fit for a charter school leader.


  1. The fact that this ill fated human being is in our daily lives is sickening. The press is giving her attention only because of the backing she has and the NY daily papers love the money. You rat fink moskowitch has gaul but then again all these politicians have balls. Take a look at Chris Christy. This fat terd is still running for president trying to get his fat ass on tv with fox and all but the fact of the matte is that fat boy christy has 2 percent of the vote but still thinks he can be president

  2. How bout "Jeb"...? Does he have some nerve, or what? His entire family on the male side should be rounded up and...these people are completely out of touch with sentiment on the street.

  3. ...and the Bush comment above COMPLETELY applies to the Clinton crime family as well....this is human excrement.

  4. I think ex-PD Chief Kelly will run...