Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Coordinated NYCDOE "Perv Teacher" Propaganda Campaign In Motion

Perv teacher beat reporter Ben "Where are the perverts?" Chapman had a rubber room/perv teacher article in today's Daily News.

I dispensed with that article here.

This afternoon, the NY Post has an even more sensationalised article entitled "Abusive, Violent Teachers Let Off The Hook" that, like the DN piece, hammers away at the disciplinary process for teachers and claims guilty, violent perverts are allowed to not only go free from justice but continue teaching children.

Now if you're like me, you have one of those "Hmm..." moments when you see two separate but similar teacher-bashing articles show up in the New York tabloids on the same day.

It seems unlikely that it's a coincidence that four different New York reporters, two for the DN, two for the Post, got the idea to write up "perv teacher" articles on the same day.

Rather, it seems like a coordinated campaign coming out of Tweed to do one last "perv teacher" propaganda push to try and get some changes to the disciplinary process before Bloomberg flies off to Bermuda for good on December 31.

If I had to make a bet about where they go from here, I bet we'll get a Campbell Brown emergence from Galt Gulch or wherever the hell she lives these days to do some public appearances declaring the UFT pedophile defenders and a Chancellor Walcott appearance before some cameras to say how horrified he was to learn of all these instances of abusive and violent teachers still working in the system and how he needs to be given the tools to rid the system of these violent criminals and perverts right away!

Never mind that if these teachers were guilty of any crimes, they would be arrested and put in prison, which makes it hard for the UFT to defend them since, you know, they'd be in prison.

Never mind that it's clear the coordinated propaganda campaign emanated from Walcott's office in the first place, so why should he be surprised about any of these stories when it's his people planting them in the press?

This is the usual smear campaign stuff they do in Bloombergville, but it also has echoes of the Bush strategy over the Iraq war.

Remember when the Bushes, via Scooter Libby, planted the story in the NY Times via Judy Miller that Saddam had WMD's, then used that story as proof positive for why there must be an attack on Iraq - Dick Cheney himself announced this on Meet The Press?

Well, Walcott and the Tweedies are doing the very same thing here.

They're ginning up another perv teacher campaign, with compliant corporate press people happy to give them the space to hawk their agenda, then they'll point to those newspaper stories as proof positive for why the disciplinary process needs to be changed and any teacher accused of a crime should be fired right away regardless of guilt or innocence.

Perhaps with the sun setting on Bloomberg's corporate empire, they think they have one last chance to get something done before the end of the year.

Or perhaps they're just laying down makers for the future, getting ready for another heavy perv teacher blitz when de Blasio takes over.

Either way, these stories are part of a coordinated campaign meant to mislead the public into supporting a revision to the teacher disciplinary process that will give the DOE the power to fire a teacher accused of misconduct without a fair, impartial hearing.


  1. It certainly feels like it is. Of course with that hard working reporter Ben Chapman fact checking who could question the statistics?

    1. With a hard working reporter like Chapman checking the facts and writing the story, you can believe about 0% of what is written. He is the quintessential 21st century journalist - a propaganda writer for the elite.