Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Using The Charlotte Danielson Rubric At A Singles Bar

You may remember that post from a while back by W.D. Haverstock that showed us how the Danielson rubric can be applied to sexual activity.

Here he shows us the Danielson rubric, specifically competency 3b: "Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques," can be applied to pick-up moves in a singles bar.

Another brilliant piece by W.D. Haverstock.

Dunno who this guy is, but I wish he would write more.

Man, nobody skewers the Danielson jive as hilariously and effectively as this guy does.

One might even say he is "highly effective" at exposing how "ineffective" the Danielson rubric is at trying to quantify human interactions.

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  1. Thanks for paying attention and rating me more highly than my supervisors have been rating me lately. I've got several more of these Danielson situations outlined but haven't got around to writing them up. I think it's time for another ....