Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sleazy Dan Squadron Refuses To Take Responsibility For His Campaign's Anonymous RoboCall Attack Against Tish James

Dan Squadron is a sleazeball.

It's one thing to attack your opponent and take responsibility for the attacks.

Alas, Squadron doesn't have the courage or the moral core to do that - as Politicker reports here:

State Senator Daniel Squadron would not deny tonight that his campaign was behind a controversial robocall attacking his rival in the public advocate’s race, Councilwoman Tish James.

In a tense NY1 interview on the eve of tomorrow’s Democratic runoff, Mr. Squadron was pressed repeatedly about whether his camp was responsible for a 15-second anonymous message left on many voters’ answering machines purporting to be from a woman named “Katie.”

In the call, the woman says that Ms. James has “lost her trust and lost her vote” because of a Daily News editorial that reports the candidate had failed to donate her council bonus to charity, as she’d previously claimed she would.

At first, Mr. Squadron tried to brush aside the question by telling host Errol Louis he had not yet heard the call. “There’s a specific phone call that went out,” Mr. Louis said. “It purports to be somebody saying, ‘Oh, hi this is so-and-so. Oh, did you know that Tish James X, Y and Z?’ Says a lot of negatives stuff. ‘I can’t trust her, I’m not going to vote for her. Bye.’ And there’s nothing else … You’re saying this did not come from your campaign?”

“No, I’m saying that I haven’t heard it,” Mr. Squadron began.

But Mr. Louis kept on pressing. “Well I don’t care whether you heard it, did it come from your campaign?” Mr. Louis asked, eventually offering–and then playing–the robocall live on the air.
Mr. Squadron responded by alleging the existence of a robocall from an Obamacare-opposing “Daniel Squadron,” which his spokeswoman called “reprehensible” and “outrageous” earlier this evening.

“Look, I heard about a robocall going out this weekend claiming that I was against so-called Obamacare, which I’m not. Everything that my campaign has done … has been based on facts that are relevant to this office,” Mr. Squadron replied.

Mr. Louis finally gave up.

“Alright, because you’re not answering the question,” he said, “I’m going to assume that your campaign put out that anonymous robocall and I think most of our viewers are going to assume the same thing. Are you okay with that?”

“People are going to assume what they want to assume,” replied Mr. Squadron.

His campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Squadron is sleazy and gutless.

If he wants to use an anonymous robocall attack against James, fine.

But take ownership of it when asked about it on air.

Squadron couldn't do it - instead he tried to weasel out.

Kudos for Errol Louis to making sure viewers at home knew Squadron was full of crap.

Just another reason to vote Tish James in today's runoff for public advocate.


  1. Actually he admitted this morning that negative robocalls came from his campaign.

    1. Only after weaseling out last night.

      Dunno if they're polling within the campaigns, but Squadron must be worried if he's got to resort to anonymous robocalls and mailers.