Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

John Liu Backs Bill Opposed To InBloom Database

From the Daily News:

Activists and elected officials, including city Controller John Liu, spoke out in support of a bill to prohibit the release of personally identifiable student information without parental consent at a City Council hearing Monday.

The session comes on the heels of revelations that state education officials are working with the city to upload private information about students — their names, addresses, test scores, learning disabilities, attendance and disciplinary records — into a $100 million database called inBloom.

Parents have complained that New York has adopted the model without giving families a chance to opt out of sharing delicate information.

But state education officials at Monday’s hearing said that student privacy is being protected and it’s necessary to share student information with companies such as inBloom.

King, Tisch and Cuomo act as if what parents think and feel about these matters does not matter.

They must be disabused of these notion.

They can be disabused of these notion.

Cuomo has slid below 50% approval.

His power will wane even more as this year goes on and the fight over the Moreland Commission continues to erode his legislature support.

His support will fall even more than it already has when he finally makes a decision over fracking (one way or the other, he loses either the pro-frackers or the anti-frackers.)

If ever there is a time to take on King, Cuomo and Tisch over inBloom, over APPR, over the Common Core testing - it is now.

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  1. Yes this has to be stopped. In my New York school district 90% of the students are going to college already. Now we need to pay $500,000 more for computers to test the students so we can up load all of thier personal date into the cloud? This just shows that special interests are taking over over everything and we must stand up to them. Write your congressman do something.