Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Strategy For The First Year Of De Blasio's Term As Mayor

Lorenzo St DuBois in a comment here at Perdido Street School:

In 2008 I could not believe what I was hearing out of a presidential candidate: thoughtful, intelligent, scornful of soundbites, refreshing rhetorical breaks from tepid democratic compromises. Talking about a more nuanced foreign policy, bringing back constitutional checks, bringing back regulation and a focus on the middle class, skepticism towards educational testing, bold talk on the environment and health care.

Turns out Obama's words didn't matter. I'm sorry, but DeBlasio's don't either. If we let him, he is primed to be NYC's Obama.

I admit it's nice that a progressive and anti-big business message is popular. So were Obama's messages, and it didn't matter. Deblasio's already starting cozying up to the policies of Rahm, Cuomo, and other monstrosities.

We got a guy in better than Bloomberg, now we have to hold him accountable. Whether he's some magical angel, or just another corrupt pol, we have to make his life hell if he doesn't do what is necessary to give this city back to the people.

This guy does NOT deserve your support. Not yet. Support must be earned. And words mean less than nothing. History should have taught you that.

In short, nice words, soaring speeches and great ads mean nothing if the Bloomberg policies continue post-Bloomberg.

De Blasio must earn our support with actions and deeds, not words.

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