Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, November 4, 2013

Christie, Cuomo, Booker - All The Same

Mark Naison points out Chris Christie is not the only local teacher-basher and destroyer of public education:

 As we watch, with excitement and some trepidation, how our Hero-BAT Love Light is being given national exposure because of her campaign trail encounter with Republican Gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie, let us remember that there are two other Presidential aspirants in the New York Metropolitan area- both of them Democrats-whose positions on education issues are indistinguishable from that of Christie: New Jersey Senator elect Cory Booker, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. They may not engage in the kind of theatrical display of teacher bullying that Governor Cristie gave us, but attacks on teachers and teachers unions are integral part of the political formula they hope will elevate them to the White House and they draw funds and advisors from Astro Turf school reform groups the same way Cristie's does.

Indeed, Cuomo and Booker, like Barack Obama before them, can be more dangerous than a virulent and violent anti-unionist and teacher basher like Christie because as Dems they can push through much more harmful anti-labor initiatives then Republicans like Christie would get away with.

Hell, the unions here in NY State supported Cuomo's anti-teacher initiatives.

The (D) after Cuomo's name gave them the cover to do it, just the way the (D) after Cuomo's name gave him the cover to shove through a radical privatization agenda for the public school system.

So yes, Christie is dangerous and must be stopped.

But the same goes for Cory Booker and Andrew Cuomo.

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