Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cuomo Wants To Win Big In 2014 To Set Up A 2016 White House Run

From The Buffalo News:

Political insiders say the governor wants to drive his showing up in 2014, in part, to keep his name in play for the 2016 presidential contest and to use as leverage with a State Legislature that has increasingly cool relations with Cuomo. And Western New York is key to that, which could be a problem for Cuomo if Buffalo developer Carl Paladino, who lost to Cuomo in 2010, runs next year only on the Conservative Party line should the Republicans nominate someone conservatives don't like.

“Gov. Cuomo wants to win Western New York and he wants to win the place he didn't win before,” said Hank Sheinkopf, a Democratic political consultant. “Therefore, it makes sense for him to start out in Buffalo.”

“The gateway to the Midwest is Buffalo, so if he's even thinking about being a national player that's the place to start,” he added.

Chris Christie won re-election by a little more than 22% last night in NJ.

Bet that Cuomo wants a larger victory than that.

As divisive as Christie has been in NJ, there were enough Dems and independents who love him to give him a very large victory last night.

Christie's Hurricane Sandy performance has a lot to do with that.

Cuomo does not have that advantage.

On top of that, he is embroiled in battles with both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate over his Moreland Commission subpoenas.

This battle opens Cuomo up to charges of hypocrisy.

The governor wants the legislature to reveal their outside sources of income while he hides his donor list.

So Cuomo goes into his re-election campaign with some disadvantages that Christie didn't have.

We'll see if Sheriff Andy can overcome those with his charm and his guile.

Oh, wait - he has no charm.

Then we'll see if he can overcome those disadvantages with his guile.

Be sure that Cuomo views Christie, already talking about a 2016 White House run, as a rival.


  1. Sandy did for Christie what Katrina did for charters. But I found Bunon's concession speech to be so true. The Democratic Party have made back-room deals with Christie. They didn't put their support around her. I feel the same way about Cuomo and the Democratic leadership here in NYS and NYC. Cuomo will keep the likes of King until he becomes a bigger liability in the next election.

    1. I voted for Buono, as did my wife. I also voted for the union-baked BOE slate in Jersey City. I did not vote for any of the other Dems - all corrupt and in bed with Christie. Brian Stack - State Senator? In Christie's bed - no way I'm voting for him.