Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Daily News Claims Bloomberg Education Reforms A Success

A DN editorial today:

Schools: Under Bloomberg, children made gains on standardized reading and math tests, even as pass rates gyrated. A good gauge is how the kids compared with peers around the state.

In 2006, 62% of fourth graders read at or above grade level in New York State, versus only 51% in New York City. By 2013, the schools here had closed that 11-point gap to just five points. De Blasio’s goal must be to get the children in the five boroughs on par with those across the state.

Bloomberg also presided over a graduation rate that climbed from 51% in 2001 to 71% in 2011. De Blasio will have to keep that going, while boosting the 22% share of graduates who are prepared for college or careers.

The graduation rates were phonied up with credit recovery, where students got full semester credit for classes by watching movies or reading comic books and writing a couple of summaries.
The test scores fell in the city when the state finally admitted to grade inflation at the end of Klein's reign.
The so-called achievement gap between white and Asian students and black and Latino students is as large now as before Bloomberg took office.
But the zombie lies about Bloomberg's education reform "success" continue unabated.
If we ever get an independent investigation into the DOE, one done by somebody without ties to Bloomberg or his cronies, the manipulation of data Tweed has engaged in throughout the Bloomberg Years will become known.

The DN editors don't really care about any of that - all they care is that the Bloomberg reforms are anti-union, pro-charter and pro-business, and so they push them regardless of the true efficacy of the agenda.


  1. Now I know the source for John King's revelations that there is a consensus nationwide about common core and Randi's assertions that common core will lift poor kids out of the gutter and win them a seat at Harvard. See the story on p. 16 about the long term and lasting health benefits of injecting krokodil too.

    1. I wonder how much Randi is being paid by the Gates people. Same goes for Iannuzzi and Mulgrew, Dennis too. They must be making some good money, because they're sticking with the script but good.

  2. Of course, graduation rates also go up when teachers are instructed by their Principals - sometimes subtly, sometimes not - that Everybody Must Pass.

    1. Top down pressure - I've seen people rubber roomed or ATR'd for not playing along.

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