Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, November 4, 2013

Shael Polakow-Suranksy Will Not Be The Next Chancellor

More politicking in this Capital NY piece about the next chancellor - one of the names mentioned is current deputy chancellor Shael Polakow-Suranksy.

I'm going to go on record now - there's no way in hell de Blasio picks Shael.

De Blasio ran pushing a clean break from the Bloomberg years - how does he pick one of the chief architects of the Bloomberg ed agenda, a guy still working for Bloomberg now, make him chancellor and still claim he's making a clean break from Bloomberg?

I dunno what the over/under on the other names are, but another name that is being thrown around by ed deformers like Eric Nadelstern is Andres Alonso, former head of the Baltimore school district who made his bones working under Joel Klein at Tweed.

I'm not privy to the machinations going on behind the scenes between the deformers and the union and others pushing their favorites, but it's difficult to see how de Blasio can pick Alonso and remain true to his "Clean Break From Bloomberg" platform as well.

Which doesn't mean he won't pick someone like Alonso - after all, he did just meet with Rahm Emanuel to talk shop, so who knows what de Blasio is capable of?

Personally I think this Capital NY piece is just more politicking by the candidates and their supporters, the way a Gotham Charter Schools piece a while back on the chancellor sweepstakes was.

With the election tomorrow, we'll know soon enough who de Blasio picks to be chancellor and just where he intends to go post-Bloomberg.

I'm not all that confident the break is going to be as clean as most of us would like from the Bloomberg years.

But I am pretty confident writing that Shael is going to get a chance to lap up some of that wingnut welfare courtesy of Gates/Bloomberg/Broad on January 2.


  1. My guess is Bill Thompson as next schools chancellor.

    1. I think that's a long shot. Thompson wants to cash in now - he won't be able to do that as chancellor. Plus, he doesn't want to work under de Blasio and I doubt de Blasio wants him there either.

  2. My guess is the Bloomberg era continues unabated. I am sure Rahm gave Bill some pointers on how to handle teachers.

  3. Has anyone put any thoughts into why Santiago Taveras, former deputy chancellor, present principal of DeWitt Clinton HS, came back? I wonder if he took the principal position because he's waiting for a chance to apply for the position of chancellor. He was liked by many. However, he left Tweed when Walcott became chancellor. Just a thought.