Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sheriff Andy Cuomo In A Huff Over All The De Blasio Attention

You can tell the mark of a man by how he handles the success of someone he considers a friend.

Sheriff Andy says Bill de Blasio is a friend of his from their Clinton days, but boy, he doesn't seem to be happy about the success de Blasio is enjoying these heady, post-election days:

NY1′s Zack Fink sent the following dispatch from the Somos el Futuro conference in San Juan:
I have a handful of friends who used to cancel plans with me all the time at the last minute. Used to drive me crazy. And it’s fair to say they are no longer my friends.

On Friday, at roughly 3 p.m., organizers here at Somos in Puerto Rico were informed that Gov. Andrew Cuomo would not be attending after all. It was in their words, “a cancellation.”

Cuomo was even planning to hold his own reception here. The food was ordered. The drinks on ice. So needless to say, this was a bit of a shock to some of the members.

When I asked Assemblywoman Amy Paulin about it, she simply said: “The governor is not coming? I didn’t know that.”

Publicly, most of the members wouldn’t say much beyond the obligatory “well, I am disappointed.”
But privately you hear a different sort of chatter. Last night, after all, was NYC Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s big night. Never one to be upstaged, some believe Cuomo had no interest in sharing the spotlight.

There is a deeper concern too, one that some people are uncomfortable talking about and that is a “tale of two Democrats.”

De Blasio and Cuomo are from the same party, but they represent very different wings. While the mayor-elect is promising to tax the rich to pay for services for the poor, Cuomo is traveling the state talking about the tax cuts he plans to deliver in this critical re-election year.

This is technically Cuomo’s last fall Somos conference before he must stand for re-election. Many are surprised he would snub the Latino members by not showing up – particularly when he will be counting on their support in 2014.

As we noted earlier what’s also quite interesting is that Westchester County Executive and possible 2014 GOP gubernatorial challenger Rob Astorino WAS here.
I guess he understands the Spanish words for “we are the future.”

Won't share spotlight.

Kind of thing you learn to do in kindergarten - graciously share with others.

Sheriff Andy never learned that lesson.

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