Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bloomberg: Any Questions On Train Derailment, Call 311

The mayor, or somebody using his twitter account, issued the following statement on the Metro North train derailment:

Call 311.

That's his advice.

Gee, thanks for your concern, Mr. Mayor.

I'd say this is outrageous, but we've seen this kind of detachment from him for the entire 12 years he has been in power.

What paralyzing blizzard that's keeping ambulances from getting to people in need?

Go take in a Broadway show.

Before Sandy, he said the storm was going to be no big deal and the Monday after would be a regular work day.

It wasn't until Cuomo shut down the MTA that he was finally forced to call an evacuation of Zone A flood areas.

Somehow the press sells this guy as the bestest mayor ever, a hyper-efficient chief executive who "gets things done."

But the reality is, at some of the bigger moments of his mayorality, he has been MIA.

The press has, for the most part, let him get away with this.

Boxer Day was the only time he got beat up a bit for his detachment.

A Metro North derailment may not approach the crisis proportions of Sandy or the Boxer Day Blizzard, but his refusal to fly back to NYC and to make an appearance at the press conference or scene of the crash, would not be tolerated from any other mayor.

This is a tragedy, with 4 people reported dead and 63 injured - 11 seriously.

Alas, billionaire mayors get away with telling people to call 311 and then going back to playing with their dogs on the Bermuda beach.

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