Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Michael Rebell On The Irony Of Campbell Brown

From State of Politics:

Michael Rebell, a veteran education advocate, expressed doubt during an interview on CapTon last night that an effort to duplicate the results of a California lawsuit that overturned teacher tenure laws in that state will be equally successful here in New York.


Rebell was co-counsel for the plaintiffs in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity case, which successfully maintained that New York was shortchanging New York City public school kids when it came to providing enough funding to assure their constitutional right to a sound, basic education.
Now, Rebell is suing the state yet again over inequity in education funding – this time as executive director of a new organization called the Campaign for Educational Equity.

Former CNN anchor-turned-education reform activist Campbell Brown recently announced that her organization is providing support to six families in New York who plan to challenge teacher tenure laws in court.

Rebell said he finds it ironic that Brown and others – many of whom have accused judges of “activism” when they rule in favor of fiscal equity cases – are now involved in lawsuits that ask the court to be “much more involved in educational policy than I have ever asked for.”

Brown and her ilk care nothing for the children in public schools.

They care only about busting the teachers union and making teaching into a right to work profession.

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