Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, November 14, 2014

It's November 14...

...and I'm freaking beat.

Meetings, meetings, meetings, PD, PD, PD, observations, observations, observations...

It just doesn't stop.

Would be nice to have some time to actually teach and grade, work with students.

Would be nice to stop running from meeting to PD, writing up four page lesson plans for every class just in case it's time for a drive-by observation, drowning in compliance work.

But nope - no time for any of that.

Only time for that constant feedback ed deform destructos like the Educators4Excellent love so much (it's not a coincidence most of them have moved on from teaching to full-time advocacy work.)

Only time for compliance work.

We are nearing the end game in the ed deform destruction of public education in New York State.

Part of the goal was to burn everybody out - children, teachers, administrators.

And we're there already.

I even hear it's happening to students from prominent families in New York.

Alas, that won't stop Governor Cuomo from finishing off what he started.

The destruction of the school system.


  1. I hear ya. It's a "culture of compliance" now. Actual teaching and learning is irrelevant to TPTB and consequently impossible for serious people to deliver.
    Hang in there , though. A lot of us rely on your keen insight to figure out what's actually going on.

  2. Some of us in MORE met with a group of Brooklyn High School teachers yesterday who talked about this enormous workload. What is the answer? The time is coming for masses of teachers to just say NO since so much of this is pushing beyond the contract. Since the Unity Caucus/UFT machine has no interest in organized resistance it will take alliances of people from many schools to address this issue in a way to force them to take action.