Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, January 26, 2015

Not Much Of A Snowstorm So Far, But We Had A Big One In The NY Government

A storm of the political kind:

Snowmageddon looking like a bust so far, but a heavy storm for Shelly Silver.

Dems will meet tomorrow to try and choose a successor to Silver


  1. I have been wrong with every single prediction I have ever made and my perfect record continues! (I know it may LOOK as though I owe Harris a bit of $. He was actually gracious and agreed to some food instead (nice fellow)).
    Now, unless I read somewhere in the MSM the history of Barron and Kavanagh, and some analysis of which interests each is aligned with (and what we may expect from either), I'll have to extend that darn record.
    Btw, nice post!

    1. Well, if you ever need movers or packers in Abu Dhabi, you know where to find the link!

      It seems Silver's position became untenable after the weekend, when the tabloids unloaded on him. The asbestos story was the most damaging of them, and made it easier for Assembly Dems to distance themselves from him.

      Silver might have survived that, but then the snowstorm seemed to enable the coup to commence, with various factions and conspirators working against Silver and each other.

      I'm concerned about how all this plays out, but not sure what would be best for us.

      Wright shilled for Cuomo during the campaign. Morelle is conservative and a Cuomo buddy. And Heastie, well, it seems there has been a whisper campaign launched against him (anonymous email blasts to reporters.)

      It's probably all bad, but as you pointed out in your piece, NYCDOEnuts, this disarray doesn't help the elites wanting their agenda through either.

      Maybe the best thing that can happen is a fractured Assembly that keeps "Three men In A Room" from happening, making the budget a more open process?

  2. There is a silver lining in every storm.

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