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Perdido 03

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bharara Subpoenas Information On Six Current And Former Cuomo Aides And/Or Associates

If anybody buys Andrew Cuomo's claim that the fed investigation into his Buffalo Billion Project is limited to two former aides (Joe Percoco and Todd Howe) and nothing else, the Buffalo News has a handy guide to who and what else Bharara has subpoenaed as part of his probe.

Here it is:

Federal subpoena seeks information about these past or present aides to Cuomo 

Joe Percoco

Title: Vice President of Madison Square Garden; former deputy executive secretary and confidant to Cuomo.
What we know: Close to Andrew Cuomo dating to Mario Cuomo administration. Graduate of Wagner College and St. John’s Law School. Under investigation by Manhattan U.S. Attorney over role in Buffalo Billion; has received payments while off state payroll from two companies doing business with the state.
Investigators want to know: Any of his actions related to the Buffalo Billion and other upstate economic development programs.

Jim Malatras

Title: Director of state operations.
Background: Top aide to Gov. Cuomo and member of his inner circle; veteran of state government dating to 2001; doctoral degree in political science from SUNY Albany. Enjoys Cuomo’s “full confidence,” according to Alphonso David, counsel to the governor.
Investigators seek: Information on any of his actions related to the Buffalo Billion and other upstate economic development programs.

Andrew Kennedy

Title: Deputy director of state operations for policy.
Background: Reports to Malatras, was formerly Cuomo’s assistant secretary for economic development. Also rates Cuomo’s “full confidence.” Slated to soon take private sector job as president and CEO of Albany’s Center for Economic Growth.
Investigators seek: Information on any of his actions related to the Buffalo Billion and other upstate economic development programs.

Bill Mulrow

Title: Secretary to the governor – effectively serving as chief of staff.
Background: Former senior managing partner of the Blackstone Group and veteran of state Democratic politics dating to the administration of Gov. Hugh Carey. Graduate of Yale University and Kennedy School of Government at Harvard; lost to Alan Hevesi in 2002 Democratic primary for state comptroller. Also rates Cuomo’s “full confidence.”
Investigators seek: Information on any of his actions related to the Buffalo Billion and other upstate economic development programs.

Gil Quinones

Title: President and CEO of New York Power Authority
Background: ConEd employee for 16 years before serving for four years in administration of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Elected in 2015 as chairman of the Electric Power Research Institute. Also has governor’s “full confidence.”
Investigators seek: Information on any of his actions related to the Buffalo Billion program.

Peter Cutler

Title: Vice president of communications and external affairs for Erie County Medical Center.
Background: Served in administration of both Gov. Cuomos, as well as spokesman for Mayors Anthony Masiello and Byron Brown. Most recently was communications director for Empire State Development in Buffalo; also a former top aide to Andrew Cuomo.
Investigators seek: Information on any of his actions related to the Buffalo Billion program.

Sure, Percoco's on that list, but Howe's not even mentioned and we still have five other guys, including Cuomo's two top current aides, Bill Mulrow and Jim Malatras.

Oh, and here are the companies that Bharara's subpoenaed as part of the investigation, again courtesy of the Buffalo News:

Federal prosecutors have asked the Cuomo administration for information relating to its connections to a number of firms headquartered throughout the state.

COR Development Company LLC

Headquarters: Fayetteville, N.Y. (Syracuse)
Description: National full-service real estate developer, founded in 1998. Includes different individual projects: COR Clay (N.Y.), COR Arizona Ave. (Chandley, Ariz.) , COR Inner Harbor (Syracuse) and COR Arsenal Street Co. (Watertown)
Principal: Steven F. Aiello, president

CHA (Clough, Harbour & Associates LLP)

Headquarters: Albany
Description: Civil engineering consulting firm, founded in 1952
Principal: Mike Carroll, president and CEO

Columbia Development Companies

Headquarters: Albany
Description: Real estate developer in Capital Region and Northeastern U.S., founded in 1988
Principal: Joseph R. Nicolla, founder and president

Hueber-Breuer Construction Co.

Headquarters: Syracuse
Description: Largest continuously operating, family-owned general construction and construction management company in Central New York. Founded in 1880
Principal: James V. Breuer, president

Pemco Group

Headquarters: Syracuse
Description: Commercial real estate company, was tapped for a $2.5 million grant by the Cuomo administration in 2013. Represented at one point by Todd Howe, the Cuomo adviser now under investigation. Principal: Peter Muserlian

Norstar Development USA LP/Norstar Companies

Headquarters: Buffalo
Description: Part of a full-service development, construction and management group of companies in U.S. and Canada, and nationally recognized affordable housing developer.
Principal: Richard Higgins, president.

Swan Street Lofts LP

Headquarters: Albany
Description: Project by Norstar and Albany Housing Authority renovating old high school into Academy Lofts building.
Principal: Unknown

Conifer Realty LLC

Headquarters: Rochester
Description: Nationally ranked full-service real estate company that develops, builds, owns and manages affordable housing communities. Has developed and/or acquired more than 260 properties and more than 19,400 units, and now manages/owns over 14,600 in N.Y., N.J., Pa., Md. and Ohio.
Principal: Timothy D. Fournier, president and CEO

Pyramid Network Services LLC

Headquarters: Syracuse
Description: Leading nationwide communications systems contractor that designs, develops and deploys wireless communications networks, offering property acquisition, zoning/permitting, project management and construction management services. Has completed work on more than 19,500 sites nationwide. Affiliate of Pyramid Brokerage Co.
Principal: Mark Zagger, director of business development

Center Armory

Headquarters: Syracuse
Description: Mixed-use real estate development in former warehouse district, redeveloped by Paramount Realty Group LLC
Principal: Robert Doucette, partner

STV Group Inc.

Headquarters: New York
Description: Engineering and architectural consulting and design firm that also offers planning and construction management services.
Principal: Dominick M. Servedio, executive chairman

Carnegie Management Inc.

Headquarters: Brooklyn
Description: Real estate management company
Principal: Isaac Jacobs

3Gi Terminals LLC

Headquarters: Syracuse
Description: Joint venture formed to create new inland port on 100 acres of land in suburb of Manlius. Received endorsement from Central New York Regional Economic Development Council.
Principal: Brian Macrae, project manager

Competitive Power Ventures Holdings LLC (CPV Valley LLC)

Headquarters: Silver Spring, Md.
Description: Leading North American electric power generation development and asset management company, with two projects in New York State, including Athens and CPV Valley LLC
Principal: Gary Lambert, co-founder, president and CEO

Whiteman Osterman & Hanna LLP and WOH Government Solutions

Headquarters: Albany
Description: Largest law firm in Albany, with specialty practice in legislative and regulatory lobbying
Principal: Richard E. Leckerling, co-managing partner

Potomac Strategies LLC

Headquarters: Unknown
Description: Unknown
Principal: Unknown

In case you missed Tom Precious' accompanying story in the Buffalo News today about how broad the investigation into Cuomo's economic development programs has gotten, see it here.

Bharara is taking a long, hard look at the Cuomo administration and it's various doings - this cannot make Sheriff Andy all that comfortable, given Cuomo's penchant for control and secrecy.

There have been many readers of this blog who have been skeptical that Bharara would go after Andrew Cuomo and after Bharara gave Sheriff Andy a clean bill of health on the Moreland tampering in January, I joined them in that skepticism.

But I've been trying to follow this current investigation as best I can and I have to tell you, day after day we're getting more and more damaging information about Cuomo and his associates that has got to make you think Bharara's looking to make it an early Preetmas this year.

Take a look at the people and the companies Bharara's subpoenaed - there can be no mistake, Bharara's got the Cuomo administration in his sights well beyond just Joe Percoco and Todd Howe.


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