Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, May 2, 2016

Cuomo Got $247,000 From Company/People Tied To Corruption Probe, Donor's Son Got Job In Cuomo Administration

How's this for an appearance of, well, trouble for Cuomo?

People and entities associated with a company that's reportedly part of a federal investigation into a close associate of Gov. Andrew Cuomo have given at least a quarter million dollars in donations to Cuomo's campaign fund, records show.

COR Development Co. LLC is being looked at by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara's office in conjunction with an inquiry into potentially undisclosed conflicts of interest involving a former top Cuomo aide, Joe Percoco, who left the administration in January, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The probe is focused on whether Percoco received undisclosed outside income from firms doing business with New York government.

Steven F. Aiello, COR Development's president and management member, has given Cuomo $65,000 in his own name since the beginning of the governor's first term in 2011, and his wife, Lori, gave $25,000. Three limited liability companies sharing a Fayetteville address gave a collective of more than $92,000, records show, and at least $65,000 in other gifts can also be tied to the company.

A young policy aide in the Cuomo administration, Steven L. Aiello, is Steven F. Aiello's son, a Cuomo spokesman confirmed. He had previously worked at the state Division of Homes and Community Renewal, and also worked as director of operations for Cuomo's 2014 reelection bid, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Given that COR is under the microscope by the feds in the Percoco investigation, you have to think that the donations to Cuomo and the job for the donor's son will get a looksie too.

Which is not good news for Andrew Cuomo - especially since his pal Joe Percoco may need to, you know, trade something in return for leniency if a corruption case is brought against him.

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