Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cuomo Is A Crook Too

Before he met with the hedge funders to talk about charter schools, Andrew Cuomo was mum about his feelings about charters (so much so that former governor Eliot Spitzer felt the need to chastise Cuomo publicly to take a stand.)

Then he met with a bunch of hedge funders and other education deformers and they promised him campaign checks and other financial support if he would agree to lift the charter school cap and oppose any accountability standards for charters.

Lo and behold, now that Cuomo has announced for governor, his platform supports increasing the charter cap to 460 and opposes outside accountability measures on issues like where to locate the new charters.

Wow - that's democracy in action.

Meet with hedge funders.

Take checks.

Give hedge funders what they want on education deform.

Parrot Gates Foundation pamphlets in campaign literature.

Andrew Cuomo was bought by the hedge fund/education deform industry.

It would be nice to know what they promised him in return for his positions on education "reform".

You can be sure after Cuomo finishes what Obama and Bloomberg started, there will be nothing left of the public school system as we know.

There will only be charter schools and hedge funds.


  1. Wake up people, Cuomo was the deep throat who stuck the knife in Spitzer hence, the anger directed by Spitzer toward Cuomo. His old man was another Queens hack who played the party and luckily fell way short at a bid for President. Spitzer for all his personal demons fell BUT, he was right about Wall Street and you can bet he would never had bought into this hedge fund educrap espoused by Bloomberg.

  2. Actually Spitzer parroted the same stuff Cuomo, Bloomberg, and Obama parrot - more charters, more tests, longer school days, longer school years, etc.

    Here is the link to part of his speech:

    Doesn't seem to matter who gets elected, what party runs stuff, etc. The answers are always more charters, more tests, longer school days, longer school years, and a gutted teachers union.

  3. That's the truth RBE. It doesn't matter who you vote for. They all seem to be basically playing for the same team, the rich.

  4. Something will eventually have to give. But I suspect things will get a whole lot worse for middle and working class people before the anger boils completely over and something actually gets done to lessen the power of the wealthy corporate interests.

    You would have thought the '08 financial meltdown brought about by those same wealthy corporate interests would have brought that about.

    But nope.

    If anything, those guys have MORE power than they had before.

    And now they're running education too.