Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Daily News, Post Continue To Act As Unofficial Public Relations Bureau For NYCDOE, Bloomberg

There is yet another piece of stenography in today's New York Daily News alleging a teacher at James Madison High School in Brooklyn engaged in a sexual relationship with a 16 year old student.

This Daily News story comes on the heels of the front cover story the Murdoch Post did yesterday of another teacher who is alleged to have had a sexual relationship with an 18 year old student at the Manhattan Lab School.

The Post has the Madison High School tryst story as well.

It is not an accident that the stenographers at the Daily News and the Post are running these stories two days after a state senator on Michael Bloomberg's payroll introduced legislation to give the NYCDOE the ultimate authority to fire any teacher accused of sexual misconduct - even if an arbitrator has found that teacher innocent of the charges.

That Bloomberg pays off politicians in Albany to do his bidding has been a mainstay of his entire tenure as mayor, of course.

The same goes for the union-busting Murdoch-owned New York Post and the union-busting Zuckerman-owned New York Daily News doing his public relations work and calling it "news".

That's been a mainstay of the mayor's tenure too.

Here we see once again a coordinated effort by Bloomberg and the NYCDOE to manipulate public opinion and get their way on a policy that would essentially erode work protections for teachers.

Here's how this works.

Bloomberg gives politician cash contributions up to legal limit, promises much more cash through other sources (a la John Haggerty) if state senator will introduce bill that Bloomberg wants giving him power to fire teachers.

State senator obliges, Bloomberg and NYCDOE have big press conference announcing bill that is covered by the media.

Simultaneously, the unofficial NYCDOE stenographers/education journalists at the Daily News and the Post are handed materials by their "sources" at the NYCDOE alleging sexual misconduct by two different teachers.

These media stenographers, ever mindful of the politics of their bosses at the Daily News or Post, ever mindful too that Mayor Bloomberg runs a ton of media outfits himself that they might want to work at some day, ever mindful of the crushing debt they still carry from journalism school, and ever mindful of the shrinking number of media outlets to work at these days, swallow whatever credibility and integrity they had and put out the very stories Bloomberg and the NYCDOE want to get out in order to put some wind behind the sails of the state senator's bill.

Next, the editorial writers at the News and the Post - one of whom is actually a criminal who will be called before Parliament in the near future to face censure and possible jail time for perjury in the Murdoch hacking scandal case - will wring their hands about all the "perverts" in the school system and call for the "common sense" solution of passing the state senator's bill.

The polling outfits will next find that the public, bombarded with media stories about teachers who have engaged in sexual misconduct, agrees with this "common sense" solution promoted by the state senator (and his benefactor, Michael Bloomberg.)

Bloomberg still has to "buy" more support for the bill in Albany, so there is no assurance that it will actually come to fruition, but the longer term goal Bloomberg has, to erode teacher work protections, to erode the confidence the public has in teachers, to denigrate teachers as individuals and teaching as a profession, will have been served by this travesty.

This is how corrupt modern America has become - business interests, politicians, and the media stenographers all in the backroom together, acting in concert to promote their own agendas under the guise of "protecting the public."

The Daily News article notes that "at least seven Education Department employees have been arrested for sex crimes this year."

There are over 75,000 NYCDOE employees.

Even one case of misconduct by a NYCDOE employee is too many.

But seven alleged cases of misconduct out of 75,000 employees is not the crisis the politicians, the media or Bloomberg are making it out to be.

But they'll use this "crisis" for their own ends anyway.

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