Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, February 9, 2015

Cuomo "Rattled" By US Attorney Investigations Into Albany

Fred Dicker at the NY Post:

Gov. Cuomo is suffering from a newly discovered syndrome that is wearing thin his already strained relationship with leaders on both sides of the aisle, Republicans and Democrats alike are saying.

Calling it “PSSD,” or “Post-Silver Stress Disorder,” Democratic insiders say the governor’s obsession over Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara’s ongoing investigation into Albany corruption was apparent last week in his worsening relations with Mayor de Blasio, state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, Staten Island Republicans and other state lawmakers.

“Cuomo appears to be engaged in a sort of overcorrection because of the beating he’s taking from Preet,’’ a prominent Big Apple Democrat said of the governor’s multiple battles.

“Cuomo’s a typical control freak. Once things start to go awry and he loses control, he panics, overreacts and makes mistakes,’’ the Democrat continued.

Cuomo, described by associates last month as “obsessed with fear’’ in the wake of Bharara’s charges against then-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan), “seems to be going out of his way more than usual to pick fights with people, and it was really weird,’’ Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R-Rensselaer) told The Post.

“The sense is that Cuomo’s actions are related to strain from Bharara’s investigation,’’ Mc­Laugh­lin continued.

It was a particularly combative week for Cuomo, that's for sure, with his fighting the Legislature over ethics, de Blasio over his Sunnyside rail yard housing plan, Di Napoli for releasing an audit that exposed Cuomo's Empire State Development Corp. as opaque, the city of Syracuse for needing economic help, Staten Island for wanting a special election to fill the Congressional seat of disgraced former Rep. Michael Grimm and teachers who Cuomo says are unaccountable.

I dunno if the combat is a result of Cuomo's overcompensating after the Silver arrest, as Dicker's column says it might be, or if it's just because he's an angry, arrogant jerk.

But I do know, it's not helping him get his way with his "Opportunity Agenda."

One other thing I wonder:

Is Cuomo's “Post-Silver Stress Disorder” related to something he knows about that few others do?

You know, like subpoenas into his donor connections or the squeezing of his former aides, like Larry Schwartz?

Again, hard to know, but one thing is certain.

Cuomo's acting weird - even for him.


  1. Or possibly...the Silver bird has a long song to sing...?

  2. And THIS is a guy who thought he could be president???

    His dream is unraveling.

    A real leader can admit when he or she is wrong.....and then regain people's respect and move on.

    We are watching exactly why Cuomo is NOT fit to lead......anyone. He is a bully, plain and simple. And, once bullies get called out, their power starts to fall apart.

    -John Ogozalek

  3. He probably thought he was untouchable for a long time. This must be quite shocking to him.