Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, July 3, 2015

Union Leaders Work To "Quell Pro-Sanders Revolt"

Some of that vaunted union democracy in action:

Richard Trumka has a message for state and local AFL-CIO leaders tempted to endorse Bernie Sanders: Don’t.

In a memo this week to state, central and area divisions of the labor federation, and obtained by POLITICO, the AFL-CIO chief reminded the groups that its bylaws don’t permit them to “endorse a presidential candidate” or “introduce, consider, debate, or pass resolutions or statements that indicate a preference for one candidate over another.” Even “‘personal’ statements” of candidate preference are verboten, Trumka said.

The memo comes amid signs of a growing split between national union leaders — mindful of the fact that Clinton remains the undisputed favorite for the nomination — and local officials and rank and file, who are increasingly drawn to the Democratic Party’s growing progressive wing, for whom Sanders is the latest standard-bearer.

The fix is in for Clinton, whether the unions endorse her in the primary or not, because union leaders will do as much as they can to undercut the surging Bernie Sanders.

It's kinda like how the unions helped out Cuomo in 2014, not by endorsing him, but by making sure Working Families Party did not endorse Zephyr Teachout.


  1. Vote for Bernie Sanders. He is the only pro-labor candidate. The other candidates are unreliable and dishonest.

  2. No matter what Weingarten, Mulgrew, and Magee say/endorse...teachers across the country should be all in with Sanders.

    If he loses the primary, then we vote for Clinton. Why? Because we are used to "settling for" mediocrity.

  3. More votes for Sanders coming from my family too...and many more.

    With all the other candidates, the following saying applies:

    "The more things change, the more they remain the same".

  4. Hillary is a shill for anti-union Wall Street scum. They have bought Hillary and Bill. Bill and Hillary are chiampions of crony capitalism.

  5. Hillary caused the violent deaths of 4 people in Benghazi. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was burned alive. Before the incident they had asked the State Dept for additional security but were denied. After months of accusations Hillary went into retirement trying to avoid taking responsibility. After a while when she thought people forgot she shows up again trying to run for office.
    Hubby Bill years back decided to set up his NYC office in Harlem of all places. Of course he sought as much publicity as possible. Lo and behold shortly after, his billionaire cronies started redeveloping Harlem into a luxury housing neighborhood.
    And you want to know if she is going to root for the middle class? I think you'd be better off with Charles Manson.

  6. Bernie Sander's campaign is encouraging those interested to host organizational meetings or attend an organizational meeting on July 29.
    We see how far sticking with the Unity/UFT/AFT has gotten us over the past ten years. Let's not forget that Weingsrten makes $480,000. a year. Where is that money coming from? Unions aligned with corporate is not in the best interest of the union members.
    There will barely be unions when the Supreme Court is finished with them.

    It's now that we can work together to begin to undo all of the loss and destruction wrought by our neo-liberal president and corporate America.

    From the Sander's campaign website:
    Real change comes when large numbers of Americans get involved in the democratic process.

    Together we’re building the political revolution we need to rebuild our middle class, reclaim our democracy and save our planet."

    No one else even touches upon the issues that Sander's grabs by the horns.

    We are hosting an organizational meeting for Sanders. Please try to attend one, too!

  7. I don't trust Hillary, but I have learned not to trust any candidate. deBlasio taught me that when he turned his back on his education promises and backed Cuomo over Teachout. So I am not at all surprised that Cuomo is still sticking the knife in his back. My concern is Bernie might be the better candidate, but a Republican Congress will diminish him.

  8. Anon- 8:16am: One step at a time!

    Please check out what our own IMF is doing to Greece and Sanders take on it!