Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cuomo Doesn't Want To Hear Your Thoughts On Common Core

Gee, here's a surprise:

ALBANY — Abrupt meeting notices and inconvenient timing for parents and teachers could hamper Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Common Core task force as it attempts to gather information about the controversial standards, education advocates say.


Last week, the task force announced its first public meeting (in New Rochelle) just two days before the event was held. And on Tuesday, the task force announced it will host five listening sessions on Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. in regions across the state to taking testimony from the public on the standards.

The task force's website, however, had incomplete information about the meetings and faulty links.

After POLITICO New York made inquiries about the schedule with the governor's office on Tuesday afternoon, the times and locations were removed from the site entirely and were later replaced.
The process has caused some concern among advocates.

“If you wanted to maximize participation, you would publish the dates, times, and locations two weeks in advance,” said Billy Easton, executive director of the advocacy group the Alliance for Quality Education, which is partially funded by teachers' unions.

Ah, but therein lies the problem - they don't want to maximize participation.

And they don't want another Poughkeepsie:

The timing of the meetings also is inconvenient for parents and teachers who are still working or for those picking up their children from school, said Jeanette Deutermann, co-founder of anti-testing group New York State Allies for Public Education and administrator of Long Island Opt Out.

“Who exactly are they looking to target?” Deutermann asked. “There’s a time problem. If you’re truly looking to get some voices heard, this certainly isn’t the way to do it.”

“You either give them the benefit of the doubt and say they’re just scrambling to try to put these things together … but you could say this is by design,” she said.

Deutermann referred to the Common Core town hall meetings in 2013 where former state education commissioner John King was met by hundreds of frustrated parents. King later came under fire for canceling and subsequently rescheduling a series of these public forums.

“We packed a giant auditorium,” Deutermann said. “They know that’s the potential. Maybe that was a way to stave that off.”

Hey, let's have some flash Common Core task force meetings, we'll announce them an hour beforehand on the governor's twitter feed and see what happens!

Then we'll have a few meetings that we announce a couple of days beforehand, but give limited info about on the task force's website.

Then the governor will give the task force the plan he wants them to give him back and they'll vote "yes" on it and it'll all be over.

Enjoy the dog and pony show.


  1. Not even remotely shocking.

    And to think that so many people on our side have already started talking about Cuomo having his come-to-Jesus moment on education and the tide starting to change, etc etc....fools.

    Its all a show to protect and further Cuomo/Reformers anti-teacher, teacher-removing, teacher career-ending policies. Thats what will survive.

    You'll see a rebrand. Maybe even a disposal of many things....but the golden nugget of teacher-removal policies will survive and be furthered.

    Laying off on testing, rebranding common core...even dumping it....NO SKIN OFF CUOMO'S BACK SO LONG AS VAM-APPR and any other things that makes it easier to ruin teachers stays in place.

    Lets wake up.

  2. And by the end of the tour they'll have it roped off as they did with the last Not Listening Tour. By the time they slithered into Buffalo, they gave about half the tickets to an anti teacher leader of a so called parent group, guess who? Sam Radford, who is a panelist in the current clowncar. They also screened the speakers and ended up with more people outside protesting in single digit weather than inside listening to Bennet Kinger and Tischy's shite. It's the same old bag repackaged in the hope that we weren't paying attention.

  3. Just wait till the tests roll around in the spring: parents and students (though not the pathetic UFT/NYSUT) will speak loudly and clearly, and will be heard...

  4. Cuomo wants your money.

  5. 500,000 strong this year. Opt out got their attention--now we need to finish the job!

    1. Not to be a dick, but why do we assume that opt out will be HUGE this year?

      I think the same people who opted their kids out last year will do it again this year....

      Its the growth though that I'm skeptical of. I mean, it NEEDS to be a HUGE jump for it to be egg on the face of Cuomo and all reformers. If its anywhere near the same, they will say they've succeeded in calming opt out. Last year was full-court press and the numbers were great....but where are these projections of way bigger numbers coming from, other than optimism, hope, and the level of noise being made by people who already have opted their kids out??

      Don't hate...real question......

    2. One can only hope that since the numbers more than tripled from 2014 to 2015 the momentum will continue. I was not optimistic about increasing by a large amount from 2014 to 2015 but I was wrong. Time will tell. Like me, Cuomo and friends underestimated the parents' resolve. I'd be satisifed with a significant increase even if we don't hit the half million mark.

  6. Cuomo wants your obedience,your untainted admiration, your adulation and your money.

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