Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Southern Tier Residents Rail Against Common Core At Public Hearing

Another public hearing for Cuomo's Common Core dog and pony show:

Vestal, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Members of the public spoke before representatives of New York State's Common Core Task Force, during a listening session at Binghamton University Monday night.

The meeting was one of 10 regional sessions that were organized to receive public input on the controversial Common Core curriculum, which New York adopted in 2010.

An overwhelming majority of people spoke against the Common Core on Monday. They shared their concerns and ideas with two representatives: Samuel L. Radford III, president of the District Parent Coordinating Council of Buffalo and Constance Evelyn, superintendent of the Valley Stream Union Free School District-13 in Nassau County.


One of the first speakers was Janice Strauss, a retired Owego Apalachin Middle School Spanish and ESL Teacher, who now teaches in the modern language department at SUNY Cortland.

"I think it's very crucial," Strauss, who lives in Endicott, said. "I think we're going to destroy a generation of children if we don't get this right."

In 2014, many teachers were displeased when the state began using Common Core standards to evaluate students before educators were fully trained with the new materials. As a result, student test scores dropped.

In addition to the controversial testing process, many teachers have expressed concern about their evaluations being tied, in part, to student test scores.

Dr. Carol Mikoda previously taught reading and writing in the Windsor Central School District and now teaches writing at SUNY Broome. She said educators have been trying to get their message across to state leaders for years without success.

"Common Core standards are always accompanied by expensive assessments that do not give information to teachers who are working with children," Mikoda said.

As has been the case so far with these dog and pony shows, almost all the speakers were opposed to the Common Core and the Endless Testing regime.

The only hearing where speakers were split over CCSS and the Endless Testing regime was in New York City, where the professional ed deformers got their supporters out early and rigged the speaking list.

Not that any of this matters - the panel report is already written, the "reforms" Cuomo plans are already set in stone.

These are just sham shows to give Cuomo cover so he can say he took public input.

Until politicians pay political prices for their support of the Common Core, the Endless Testing regime and other ed deforms, they will not stop imposing their unpopular agenda on the state.

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