Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, November 27, 2015

Cuomo Wants De Blasio To Kiss His Ass In Public

From yet another news media piece about the "feud" between Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio comes this doozy on what will (supposedly) end it:

Mr. Cuomo has asked the mayor for a public apology for his comments, but the mayor has declined, according to people familiar with the matter.

State Sen. Ruben Diaz, a Bronx Democrat, said the mayor has to mend fences. “He needs to be humble for a little while and swallow his pride and work with the governor, and work with the Republicans, for the betterment of New York,” Mr. Diaz said.

Now the truth is, even before de Blasio went public in late June/early July with his frustrations over the governor, Cuomo was doing everything he could to slam de Blasio.

There was the public criticism of de Blasio, coming from Cuomo himself that was couched as coming from a "Cuomo administration insider."

There was the working with Eva Moskowitz to undercut de Blasio on education policy, even setting up a simultaneous rival charter school "rally" as de Blasio was holding his own rally in Albany on pre-K.

There was Cuomo working with state Senate Republicans to undercut de Blasio's agenda in Albany on a myriad number of issues.

Quite frankly, the only that has changed post-de Blasio criticism of Cuomo is that Cuomo got more aggressive in public with the feud and has worked double time to gather allies around him in the fight against de Blasio or take former allies of de Blasio's and turn them into allies of his own (like City Council Speaker Mark-Viverito or Public Advocate James.)

So Cuomo may say a public apology will end this feud but the reality is, it won't because the feud existed before de Blasio's public criticism (at least on Cuomo's end) no matter how de Blasio tried to accommodate Cuomo.

I've had it with the media coverage of this - it's enough,

Cuomo's a sociopath, he shouldn't be in charge of anything, let alone New York State, and the news media need to stop carrying barrel-fulls of his water on this "feud."

The issue should be framed like this: Andrew Cuomo was damaged as a child, we're not sure how, but it has adversely affected him as an adult and as a result he has this obsession to be the most powerful man in the room, a drive to undercut the "lesser beings" in the room with him, and act like an asshole at all times.

Cuomo's a child-man and it's time to stop indulging him and his "feud."


  1. Problem is the conservative media HATES deBlasio - and they love the feud. Cuomo sees this and has stepped up his game. They are however two sides of the same coin. Cuomo is killing us (teachers) with bad intentions and DeBlasio with good ones. Cuomo is going to win the battle unless DeBlasio gets a handle on running this city correctly; 1. Homelessness - it's completely out of hand; 2. Get rid of Farina -she's Klein in a pantsuit, 3. Bring back stop and frisk - if you really want to help the minority community; 4. stop preaching your philosophy to people who consider you a joke. I also believe Cuomo will eventually be arrested.

  2. It is a form of foreplay.

  3. Putin wants Erdogan to kiss his ass in public, too. Politicians. REFUSE to let politicians like Baby Cuomo manipulate public education for thier own egotistical pleasure.

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  5. Cuomo is a creep. Always has been and always will be. The Senate GOP is a conference of creeps for selling themselves out to Cuomo. Senate Republicans have absolutely no real ideology. They are a governing clique that's merely interested in preserving its perks, power and privileges.

    Senator John Flanagan is just as much a creep as Cuomo. The son of a public school teacher, he turned on all of us when NYSUT wouldn't endorse him for reelection or kiss his ass when the Senate GOP took back power and named him chair of the Senate Education Committee.

  6. Didn't Charlie Rose call Andy the "Prince of Darkness," right to his face? Nobody knows how this guy got elected. Obviously it was via backroom deals to keep anybody else off the ballot. Because, nobody likes the guy. Pretty sure all of NYC wants Andy to go F-himself. And, as for his much ballyhooed hatred for DeBlasio, I think it's just to mask his real fear that DeBlasio will run for Governer, and win. Because, Cuomo? I mean f - that guy. Really. What a turd.

  7. De Blasio couldn't get elected dog catcher in NYC today.

  8. You've said that before. I will bet you money that he cruises to re-election. I don't care what the polls say right now. He hasn't even started campaigning yet. His record is golden. All the hate is about style points with the angry white men of the bridge and tunnel crowd who vote Republican anyway.