Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, June 6, 2016

Cuomo Administration, Reeling From Federal Probe, Touts "List Of Successes"

Ken Lovett in the Daily News:

Trying to divert attention from a federal probe into his administration, Cuomo's state agencies have been asked to put together lists of their successes that can be touted publicly, sources said.

On top of that, state Operations Director James Malatras has twice convened staff in recent weeks to urge them to keep focus on their work, the insiders said.

"He said that the best way to get out from the cloud over us is to just work hard," said one source. 
"You don't know what's going to happen here and you just can't wait. The tendency when things are going like this is to withdraw. He said you have to do the job and have to work harder now."

A Cuomo aide called it "routine" for agencies to highlight the work they've done and for the director of state operations to meet with staff.

The diversionary tactics may work with the public (as a recent Siena poll suggests), but they will not work with the feds investigating Cuomo's administration.

So, good luck with that list, Jim.

Some of the Cuomo boys can take it with them when they go to prison.


  1. Cuomo blows syphilitic goats.

  2. Justice delayed is justice denied.
    Status Cuomo

  3. NYSDOT was just told to start putting up special signs at the start of their high profile/high priced construction projects. "BUILT TO LEAD" or some-such......