Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, December 2, 2013

FireDoglake Obained Documents Detailing Chris Christie's Lobbying Career For Edison Schools And University Of Phoenix

Great, great piece at Firedoglake looking at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's lobbying days for the education privatization industry, including his wining and dining a corrupt NJ politician to help University of Phoenix with their state licensing problems.

Firedoglake also sheds some light on the work Christie did for the Securities Industry Association, which had Bernie Madoff on its board.

Christie helped to defeat an assembly bill that would have amended the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act “to include securities in the definition of covered merchandise under the act.”

Madoff's investment fund was ground zero for securities fraud, of course, so Christie's work helped old Bernie out there in NJ.

Check out the whole post - it's a good glimpse into Christie's lobbying past.

I maintain that his ethical lapses will keep him from being president.

Working for Madoff to keep securities fraud from being added to the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act isn't going to play so well no the campaign trail or campaign ads.

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