Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shouldn't Tisch, King And Steiner Be Under Investigation For Corruption?

There is a shadow government running the state education department here in NY State.

We know that Regents Chancellor Tisch paid out of her own pocket for these private employees to run NYSED offices.

Millions more came from the Gates Foundation, the Robin Hood Foundation, General Electric and a bunch of other corporate entities - $19 million in total from more than two dozen private employees.

These private employees, called "Regents Fellows," many with connections to the Gates Foundation and other education reform groups, developed state education policy, implemented that policy and helped enforce it.

We know that NYSED Commissioner King and former NYSED Commissioner Steiner were both in on the Regents Fellows scheme and that King used his power to keep a veil of secrecy over what the Regents Fellows were doing.

Yesterday the Moreland Commission released its report on corruption and influence in Albany:

ALBANY — A scathing 98-page report from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s anti-corruption panel on Monday detailed a “pay-to-play political culture driven by large checks” in Albany, but withheld specifics as its probe of public corruption continues.

In its report, the Moreland Commission laid out a pattern of corruption at the state Capitol driven by major donors, loophole-filled rules and “anemic enforcement of the weak laws we have on the books.”

The report, however, doesn’t name names. While it details a number of corrupt, potentially illegal acts, identifying information was held back in many areas to avoid “compromising the integrity and confidentiality” of its ongoing investigations, according to the document.

“What we can describe, though, is deplorable conduct, some of it perfectly legal yet profoundly wrong; some of it potentially illegal -- and, indeed, this Commission will make appropriate criminal referrals at such time as it deems appropriate,” the commission wrote in its report.

Doesn't what Tisch, King and Steiner did by handing over education policy development, implementation and enforcement to private employees hired by private funds (including some from Tisch herself) without any legal authority to do so come under what the Moreland Commission report described as "deplorable conduct, some of it perfectly legal yet profoundly wrong"?

Shouldn't she, along with her cohorts in crime, Steiner and King, be under investigation for corruption?

In Steiner's case, it would the second time his name surfaced in a corruption case, since he was prominently named in the Pearson bribery case a few years back that the state attorney general never did anything with.

I am under no illusions that Steiner, King and Tisch will be held accountable by the Moreland Commission for their crimes, since the Commission seems to only be targeting the legislature and completely ignoring their patron Governor Cuomo's alleged ethical transgressions.

But if we lived in a real democracy instead of a fake one, Tisch, Steiner and King would be hiring lawyers about now.

The shadow government at SED ought to not only be out of power, everything about it - from how it started to how it got funded to how it has operated - ought to be under investigation.



    1. Thanks - but isn't Indiana and Wisconsin also heading that way too? Both are completely run by the GOP - legislatures and governors.