Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cuomo Says Teacher Evaluations Tied To Common Core Tests Need To Be "Addressed"

Maybe he's sick of twisting himself into a pretzel trying to defend no stakes for children on the CCSS state tests for the next two years while teachers have 20% of their evaluations based upon these same test scores and can potentially lose their jobs if the scores are low enough?

When the state Board of Regents in February proposed a plan to allow teachers to use the highly criticized rollout of the Common Core when challenging their evaluations, Gov. Andrew Cuomo knocked the proposal as "another in the series of missteps" by the state's education overseers.

On Tuesday, Cuomo said the state needs to take action related to teacher evaluations, and that he and lawmakers will be discussing it before the legislative session wraps up in June.

"We have to deal with the issue of the effect of Common Core testing on teacher evaluations," Cuomo said at a news conference Tuesday.


"If you said Common Core testing was premature for students and you just halted the grades on the transcript, then what is your opinion about the impact of Common Core testing on teacher evaluations and what should be done?" Cuomo said. "That is an issue that we have not addressed and we need to address before the end of the session, in my opinion, depending on what happens."

Quite frankly, I'm still not sure this isn't some April Fools joke on Sheriff Andy's part.

I mean, he literally threatened a two centuries old education institution like the Board of Regents when they mentioned making minor tweaks to his APPR teacher evaluation system a couple of months ago.

Now he's saying this is an issue that needs to be addressed?

Hard to believe him.

Most likely he's uttering some empty rhetoric here, and whatever changes they end up proposing and passing will be as ineffectual as the so-called Common Core moratorium in the budget deal.


  1. I think he is wincing a little because his opponent opted his 3 kids out of the tests.. and he sees numbers are rising. He wants to be a 2 term governor, not 1 term, and he is trying to play the cards in whatever direction the voters will keep him in office.

  2. It baffles the mind. It is just deeply troubling how emotionally immature, unbalanced and unstable Cuomo. It is a matter of public safety that Cuomo's mental assets should be diagnosed and evaluated.A psycho-affective personality disorder, a narcissistic personality disorder or perhaps and organic brain dysfunction. His paranoia and narcissism are perhaps the symptoms of a massive brain tumor. As voters and concerned citizens, we must all demand his removal from office for evaluation and treatment!

  3. Just vote for Astorino. Andrew Cuomo has turned himself into a common, laughingstock politcian!

  4. Unless Cuomo withdraws from Race to the Top, there will still be tests tied to teacher evaluations. I do not see Cuomo dropping from Race to the Top anytime soon. (Hope I am wrong on that)

  5. TeachmyclassMrMayor(andyoutooMrMulgrew)April 1, 2014 at 10:21 PM

    What ol' Charter School Lobbyist Andy sees is his vote count dropping, thus his run at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue going down the tubes...and when he saw, especially the LI & Westchester numbers going where they are...someone finally got to him and said, "uh, boss, being Eva's b**ch might not have been your best idea."

  6. This is an interesting subject that I hadn't considered before. I think it should be looked at further. I know there are evaluation software out there that can help teachers improve, but I would have to look into it further.