Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, January 1, 2015

When Did Campbell Brown Get Elected Governor Of New York State?

Cuomo yesterday, doubling down on his threats against teachers the past few weeks:

"The teachers’ union represents the teachers. I understand that. … I represent the students and I want to do the best we can for the students and for their education," he said. "One of the issues we have to work through where the teachers’ union doesn’t agree with me is, I want to evaluate teachers, and I want to be able to get bad teachers out of the classroom.

“I understand the union’s issue; they don’t want anyone fired,” Cuomo said. “But we have teachers that have been found guilty of sexually abusing students who we can’t get out of the classroom. We have a process where literally it takes years and years to get a bad teacher out of the classroom. And I understand the teachers’ rights, but I also understand the students’ rights. And the Albany government, the Albany media, is very responsive to the teachers’ union and their groups. I get it. But the students have rights, too. And this whole education system is about the students.”

Sounds just like Campbell Brown, doesn't it?

Interestingly, he talks about understanding students' rights, but fails to mention how so many parents and students hate the Common Core and Endless Testing regime the education establishment continues to pursue in this state.

See, opposing CCSS or the Endless Testing regime doesn't make his campaign donors happy, so he's not going to push that kind of "reform" ever.

He's instead going to play the manipulation card and make like there are thousands of "bad teachers" in classrooms raping and pillaging on their lunch breaks and prep periods and try and rile the public up to support his so-called reform agenda.

Don't be surprised if we don't see some Daily News or Post pieces detailing a couple of incidents to set the stage for the govenor's anti-teacher/anti-union agenda next week.

Hell, they may even show up in the Post or Daily News courtesy of the real Campbell Brown and not her doppelganger, the guy in the governor's office.


  1. The brief passage Cuomo is quoted on at the top of this piece isn't that bad. Why were you upset at it? I hate Cuomo but this statement was pretty down to earth. I've been teaching for about 20 years and if this statement offended you RBE, then I feel you're really reaching. The rest of the piece concerning parents outrage to Common Core, etc, I get, but to question that initial brief statement? The guy wants teachers who sexually assaulted children to be fired. Is that a bad request? I, along with many "union people" don't mind if these pieces of crap are fired. C'mon man! I actually liked what Cuomo wrote, specifically to sex offenders who are still getting paid.

    1. And you think there are a whole lot of teachers still in the classroom who have sexually assaulted students? Do you have numbers or statistics? Are you taking Cuomo/Brown's word for it?

      I smell something fishy about your stance.

    2. 8:38 Anon, you don't see the scapegoat job being done there by Cuomo (something which he is taking right out of the Campbell Brown/Michelle Rhee playbook)?

      Whenever they want to "fire" teachers, they trot out the "bad teacher" meme and the "perv teacher" meme to play on the fears of the public.

      The data in NYC on "perv teachers" shows that it's far less than 1% of teachers.

      In fact, there are more sexual predators working at Fox than in the NYCDOE.

      See here:

      Rhee trotted out the same meme when she wanted to fire teachers - claimed they were sexual predators.

      But they weren't - they were just teachers she wanted to fire:

      So you see, when they want to create a firestorm, they go to the "perv teacher" meme and start throwing false accusations around.

      That's what Cuomo's doing here.

    3. Anon 8:38

      Cuomo's plans did not include teachers charged with misconduct. It's a straw man. I'm surprised no one has picked up on this. Cuomo's complaint is that too few teachers were rated "developing and ineffective" by the HEDI scale. He wants more teachers rated ineffective so they can be fired. This would expedite the privatization of public education. It's NOT about quality teaching. The APPR will never bring about quality teaching in NYS. It's about creating a cheap labor pool for the business interests.

    4. You have to be kidding. Teachers who sexually assault students are in jail - and if they're not then Cuomo should call for people responsible to be fired. What Cuomo wants is for teachers who may be charged with sexual assault to be fired rather than be on the payroll until found guilty. We have no problem with convicted teachers being fired. Note how they use fuzzy logic to obfuscate the attack on the union.

    5. It takes about thirty seconds to get someone out of the classroom in NYC if accused of something sexual. It is fairly easy to get them off payroll too with a probable cause hearing. Nobody wants sexual predators in the classroom. However, everyone deserves a fair hearing if accused. Why is that even an issue? Anti teacher rhetoric is being stirred up. RBE is 100% right.

    6. Further thoughts on this scapegoating job by Cuomo here:

      He's conflating the evaluation issue w/ sexual predation in order to play on people's fears.

      Just like Rhee did.

  2. Cuomo you jerk winding no nothing blabber mouth makes a dumb as dumb statement about teachers in the classroom sexually assaulting students. This is so fuc*** up and this stupid bull shit talk coming out of this guys mouth is sickening. This is a typical example of politics spewing crap