Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Moneybags Orders New Yorkers To Shop

Mayor Moneybags, fresh off purchasing a third mayoral term here in New York City for the mere price of $104 million dollars, issued an order to New Yorkers yesterday to "spend, spend spend!!!"

Moneybags was worried that this weekend's heavy snowfall would hurt Christmas season retail sales, which of course would hurt his buddies on Wall Street who want people to spend themselves into debt again this year after taking a year off from debting last Christmas season.

Of course people took a break from spending last Christmas season because they were experiencing the worst economic downturn since the depression, with over 700,000 people a month losing their jobs, records numbers of homeowners losing their homes to foreclosure, and record numbers of consumers defaulting on their credit cards.

But that was last year and this is this year and to the mayor's mind it's important for people to start spending more than they have once again so that Moneybags and his Wall Street pals can rake in tons of extra cash from bonuses and retail stock gains.

Never mind that Americans are still carrying records amounts of debt, never mind that the stock market is healthy again only because President Obushma and Helicopter Ben Bernanke have been printing money to hand out interest free to the banksters and financial institutions on Wall Street, never mind that the government is carrying records amount of debt because Obushma and Bernanke are printing money hand over fist to give to the banksters - Americans must do their patriotic duty and "spend, spend, spend!!!"

You would think people would have learned after near economic collapse last year that spending money you don't have, whether at the individual level, the corporate level or the government level, has negative consequences and running an entire economy on debt has REALLY negative consequences.

But I guess it will take a Mad Max kind of collapse before Moneybags and the rest of the banksters running our country in New York and Washington to learn that lesson.

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