Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Joel Klein: Mobbed Up? So What!!!

The NY Daily News reported yesterday that Chancellor Joel Klein plans to award a $206 million dollar contract to a school bus company run by a Mafia associate who turned Sammy the Bull on his mob associates and admitted that he had been involved in "multiple crimes" including bribing city safety inspectors and city officials in charge of handing out bus routes.

Klein has decided to give Logan Bus Company, which currently has 25% of city bus routes, an extension to its current contract without seeking bids from other companies despite owner Michael Tornabe admitting to organized crime activity.

The Education Department defended the no-bid contract with the mobbed up company by saying it is "still the best deal for the city."

The inspectors who took the bribes from several bus companies, including Logan Bus Company, were convicted of corruption charges and sentenced to prison.

But the company that offered the bribes?

They've been rewarded with a $206 million dollar contract.

Makes you wonder who the Logan Bus Company is still bribing in the Education Department.


  1. With every passing day I'm more and more proud of having written early in Joel Klein's tenure that one day he would be taken out of Tweed in handcuffs with his coat over his head. Hopefully, we are one day closer to that day.

  2. How does he get away with this? It is horrifying.

  3. I hope so, Norm, I really hope so. But I kept thinking Karl Rove would get frogmarched out of the White House in the CIA leak case, so what the hell do I know?