Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bloomberg's The Best At Everything!!!!

Bloomberg says fire fatalities are the lowest since 1918.

Last week he said murders are the lowest since Peter Stuyvesant owned the joint.

And of course we know we have the most edumacated students in all the land - with those high test scores and grad rates Bloomberg and Klein have brought us.

And we have the lowest levels of trans fats in the nation too!!!

And restaurants with low-sodium food!!!

And the best public parks located in the middle of traffic anybody could ever want!!!

What an amazing place to live, this Bloomberg's New York.

And this Bloomberg is just the best at everything!!!!

Wished I believed he wasn't full of shit on so much of this.

But I know better and I still say knowing how he screws with the education numbers, he's screwing with the fire fatalities and homicide rate too.

That's what a crook like Bloomberg - Wall Street trained like all good crooks are these days - does.

Screw with the numbers and know that the corporate-owned media won't call him on any of it.


  1. People who think of themselves as the "best at everything" usually run for President...again. "What I have done for a city, I can do for a country." All bogus numbers aside, of course.

  2. He cooks the books, and owns the tabloids that is how it is done. He is the "SUN KING" ala Louis XIV. Will history repeat itself with a revolt by the masses?

  3. I like the SUN KiNG analogy. Can we call him the NO-SALT KING? Oh, wait, he likes salt...okay, how about the NO-SALT FOR YOU/SALT FOR ME KING?

    Pogue, I would have said you were wrong about the WH only a few weeks ago, but with Obama becoming quite unpopular (45% approval in the latest CBS poll), I think there's a possibility you're right.