Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good Luck With That

Bill Thompson, who ran such a disorganized, lazy campaign against Mayor Bloomberg in 2009 that according to Marc Alomnte he was often late for his own events or simply didn't show up at all, has told NY1 that he plans to run for mayor again in 2013.

Bloomberg only beat Thompson by 51,000 votes even after outspending him $104 million to $6 million on the campaign,.

But that had little to do with Thompson.

New Yorkers were sick of the arrogant Moneybags decreeing himself Mayor4Life and wanted to send a message.

Had Thompson actually run a disciplined, organized campaign, it is possible some of the cowardly city unions might have thrown in on his side and churned up a GOTV effort to beat Bloomberg.

But Thompson ran badly and the cowardly unions stayed cowardly and now we have Mayor4Life Bloomberg for another four years.

So Thompson should follow Mark Green (another horrible campaigner) and get a job as a permanent "wise guy" on NY1's Road to City Hall carnival of cranks and stay out of politics.


  1. Another four years? Can't you just change the law again and do whatever the hell you feel like? I thought that was how it was done.

  2. Hard to believe Bloomberg would run for a fourth term after barely squeaking by in a third (even after outspending his opponent 104 to 6.)

    But you never know.

    We are starting to see a little push back against Bloomberg by our new comptroller and city advocate. That's a nice change. Quinn had her shills in the press put out an article in the Times about how she has been standing up to Moneybags behind the scenes all this time. She senses her alliance w/ Bloomie will doom her in 2013. I sure hope it does. She can go back to living up Bloomberg's ass in 2013. But keep her away from Gracie Mansion...