Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jail For Everybody!!!

Wow - read through this TPMmuckraker piece about the latest Paterson scandal involving the Queens "racino".

Then count the number of current or former pols who ought to go to jail for their criminal shenanigans in it.

I count three - Gregory Meeks, Floyd Flake and David Paterson.

Add that number to the embattled Charlie Rangel, the soon-to-be imprisoned Joe Bruno, the already-in-prison Bernie Kerik, the ought-to-be in prison Malcolm Smith and it's like New York has turned into New Jersey.

Wonder if anybody paid off Arne Duncan to help NY make the RttT finals. Maybe Arne can go to jail too!!!


  1. If we've turned into New Jersey, does that make Tony Soprano UFT Prez? Do you think it'll be an improvement?

  2. I think Fredo Corleone is running the UFT actually.

    Actually as you once noted, NYC Educator, I'd take a mobbed-up union if it actually provided protections and services for its members. But we have the worst case scenario - a corrupt union that collaborates with management to undermine protections and services for its members.