Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let's Elect That Guy!

With Helicopter Harold Ford Jr. and Real Estate Crook Mort Zuckerman out of this year's Senate race, Barry at the Big Picture points to another possible challenger to Kristen Gillibrand.

His name is David Malpass and he is a typical Republican hack.

He parrots the GOP party line.

You know what it is.

Obama is a socialist, the Obama administration is sending the country toward socialism, etc.

Never mind the billions the administration has handed to the financial industry through TARP, TALF and Federal Reserve Open Market operations.

Never mind that Obama allowed Treasury Timmeh Geithner to hand AIG's counterparties 100 cents to the dollar for toxic crap worth 15 cents.

Never mind that Obama renominated Ben Bernanke to the Federal Reserve even after Bernanke helped cause the current financial mess.

Never mind that Obama as done nothing to help union workers or the working and middle classes in general - he has funded his health care reform giveaway to the insurance companies on the backs of workers with employer-provided health care plans instead of raising taxes on millionaires or corporations and has enshrined busting the teachers unions in his Race to the Top and NCLB policies. And of course nothing ever came of card check either.

So if you're paying attention to the shit he does rather than the shit he says, you can see he's no socialist.

But to be honest, I don't think the Republican meme that Obama is a socialist is anything but politics anyway.

It's a narrative that fits into the Lib vs. Con dichotomy that lives on cable news and in the papers and has worked for a long, long time in American politics.

But is has nothing to do with reality.

The ironic thing is, the guy who is going to drive this narrative against Gillibrand used to work for Bear Sterns - as their chief economist.

His job was to forecast the economy and the position of Bear Sterns within the larger economic framework.

Bear Sterns of course went out of business when all the risky bets the company took in the derivatives market went bust -here's what remains of their website.

Barry wrote up Malpass's take on the economy
before it went belly-up back in August of 2007.

Everything he said was wrong.

Gee - Malpass didn't do such a good job at his job, did he?

Now he's going to run for Senate and lecture other people on how to be fiscally and financially prudent.


And I bet he believes the crap he says too.

You know, I have come to despise Obama and Dems for screwing working class and middle class folks and hurting teachers and looking to bust the teachers unions.

I will not vote for Dems this year or in 2012. I am going to send a message to the crooks in the party that the corporate whore stuff has to stop.

But the opposition to them isn't any better.

In fact, it's worse.

But Obama shouldn't think that just because hypocrites and incompetents like David Malpass are going to run against Dems that I'm going to support hypocrites and incompetents like Obama.

Because I won't.

And as I keep repeating on this blog, I call the White House and the DNC every week and let them know that.

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