Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Doing To Education What He Has Done To The Gulf Of Mexico

It's clear as hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil spew from the Gulf of Mexico every day, polluting the waters, killing the plant and animal life and now starting to wash over toward Florida, that President Accountability has no idea how to solve the problem.

He talks a good game about holding BP accountable and having the government do what the oil company will not to clean up the mess, but it is all just talk.

By the time they finally stop the spewing of the oil (perhaps by August, perhaps later, perhaps never), the Gulf of Mexico region (and perhaps even aparts of the Florida coast) will never be the same.

They will be ruined for generations.

President Accountability is doing the same with education.

By dangling out cash to cash starved states in return for phony fixes to education like additional standardized testing, teacher evaluations and teacher pay tied to test scores, and opening thousands of charter schools, President Accountability is ensuring that by the time he gets finished, public schools will be mostly privatized entities run by for-profit education management organizations like the one that does "school turnarounds" in Chicago (owned by the same guy who owns Devry University - a bullshit diploma mill), the teacher corps will be deprofessionalized and destabilized and the only thing that will matter in education will be test scores - therefore the only thing that will be taught will be test prep.

In other words, public education will be ruined for generations.

It will look like this:


  1. That picture with the dead bird=education in this country: It breaks my heart.

  2. Arne's "BluePrint" and "BP", I've been thinking about the analogy for awhile. Brillant, yet devastating post. I pray for us all.