Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How Come The New Teacher Project Got A $5 Million Raise While Teachers Get Zilch?

Details for that scam here.

And how come the City Council staff got raises
, and the mayor's staff got raises, and the DOE got to hire 8 new deputy chancellors for $1.4 million dollars in total salaries, but the mayor says he must unilaterally freeze wages for teachers for two years - OUTSIDE OF CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS?

And how come the shills at the Post, the News, the Times, the WSJ and NY1 aren't pointing out the hypocrisy?

For that matter, how come the education reform sites like Gotham Schools aren't pointing out the hypocrisy either?

It seems Michelle Rhee's crew, the mayor's crew and Quinn's crew all get raises. The no bid contracts for mobbed bus companies continue unabated.

But teachers get 0% raises unilaterally declared by the Little Dictator and a new teacher evaluation system that will pay hundreds of millions of dollars to some test prep companies.

What a great deal!

And of course the media will say it's fair.

Heck, we just can't afford to pay teachers money.

But the City Council staff, and the mayor's staff, and the New Teacher Project, and the mobbed up bus companies, and the test prep companies...


  1. SO in other words teachers who are in special programs like fellows and AFT will all get kicked out their programs unless they find jobs in charter schools since public schools still cannot hire, and people like who could not even get into a recruitment program cause I always wanted to be a teacher. So I took the long way to become a teacher, I will never have the opportunity to teach in NYC public schools.

  2. I'm not sure what you're reading on your end of the net, Math Teacher, but I am NOT advocating that the hiring freeze remain or that 4,400 newbies get laid off.

    What I am noting is that Bloomberg's staff, the City Council staff, the New Teacher Project and 8 new deputy chancellors ALL got raises and/or hired this year at the same time Bloomberg and Klein are crying poverty.

    Their are billions that will be spent on test development over the next ten years in states all across this country. Somehow, no matter how bad things get, there always seems to be money for that.

  3. Just voicing my anger at them spending 5 million dollars on New Teacher Project when their are many willing new teachers like me looking for jobs.

  4. It is a tough time to be coming out of teacher ed program. I do not envy anybody in your position. I don't know what to tell you other than to tell your friends and loved ones about all the money that Bloomberg is spending on other things while he fucks teachers and would be teachers out of salaries and jobs.

    Of course there is ALWAYS money for test prep and data collection, however.

    Ugh. He is a dictator and a scumbag. Not enough bad stuff can happen to both Bloomberg and Klein.