Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Duncan Calls For Naming Names

Now we know where Obama stands on naming names - he just sent his secretary of education out to say what the LA Times did by ranking teachers by how their students did on test scores should be done all across the nation:
U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan will call for all states and school districts to make public whether their instructors are doing enough to raise students' test scores and to share other school-level information with parents, according to a text of a speech he is scheduled to make Wednesday.

"The truth is always hard to swallow, but it can only make us better, stronger and smarter," according to remarks he plans to deliver in Little Rock, Ark. "That's what accountability is all about — facing the truth and taking responsibility."

I love being lectured about accountability from an administration that hasn't held ANYBODY accountable for the mess they created with the HAMP mortgage relief program, hasn't held ANY of the Wall Street criminals who nearly brought the economy down accountable, hasn't held either Larry Summers or Timmeh Geithner accountable for the mess they have made of the economy, and didn't hold BP accountable for the mess they created in the Gulf.

You know what, Arne?

Fuck you.

And you know what President Obama?

Fuck you too.

You want to push for the disclosure of data?

How about this data?

Unemployment stands at 9.5%.

Unemployment is heading back to 10% before the end of the year.

You guys said it would never get above 8%
if your stimulus bill was passed and only hit 9% even if it wasn't.

Underemployment is currently at 19%

Underemployment is expected to hit 25% by next year.

GDP for Q2 is expected to fall to 1.3%

GDP for Q3 is expected to be somewhere between 0% and 1.2%.

The economy is heading back into NEGATIVE GDP territory.

Foreclosures have increased every month for the last 13 months and more than 1 million homes will be repossessed by banks this year.

Your HAMP mortgage relief program made the problems WORSE.

Existing home sales fell the largest ever in the month of July.

Home values are dropping again.

Bankruptcy levels are the highest they have been since the bankruptcy laws were rewritten back in 2005.

The economic news these days is quite literally ALL BAD.

Well, not ALL the economic news is bad.

Barack Obama and family are on their SIXTH vacation this year.

But other than the vacationing Obama's the news is ALL bad.

So you want accountability from data disclosure?

Fine, there you go.

More accountability will be coming in November.

And the final measure of accountability will come in November 2012.

See you then, scumbags.


  1. Usually I avoid profanity and ask folks to do the same but I agree with your post and giving obama the middle finger. Duncan is a wise ass probably a low functioning PE teacher at that. They both can go to hell. Again not a cent to these sob"s and the unions can f off too if they expect any support from most rank and file teachers.

  2. Yeah, this post absolutely called for the "f" words directed at both Duncan and Obama. The nerve of these guys lecturing teachers about accountability, given the mess they helped create with the economy and that they continue to create by allowing the Too Big To Fail guys to continue treating Wall Street like a casino.

  3. The witch burning is now at it's most sadistic.

    I guess we shouls also have full data on every doctor's results in every operation done in every public hospital. Every cop and fierman on the beat should also be tracked and results publicized.

    Now that we are at full acountability, I'd also like to take a gander at President Dumbama's college,and high school transcripts?

    It's simply AMAZING how little biographical hard data we have on President Accountability.

    I wonder why it's necessary for President Accountability to employ a team of lawyers working incessantly to block all investigation into his personal data...?

  4. Why didn't they publish the names of everyone working for the big banks and Wall Street who trashed the economy? Why didn't they publish the names of those who received huge bonuses after the taxpayer bailouts?