Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Philly To Cut Student Bus Passes To Public Schools - But Not To Charters

The charter school Apartheid system continues:

The Philadelphia school district may have to cut 3,800 positions in order to close a $600 million deficit. Another proposal to make up for the loss of almost $300 million in state funds this year includes eliminating free transportation to and from school.

That means no busing or free SEPTA transpasses for any students except those in special education students and those attending charter schools.

That's because state law requires the district to provide transportation to and from charter schools. But students who attend public and parochial schools next year could have to pay their own way.

Shelley Yanoff, executive director for Public Citizens for Children and Youth, said the proposal is worrisome.

"We worry about truancy, we worry about them dropping out of school," she said. "And we make it more expensive for them to come to school when we know that three-quarters of the kids who attend the public schools are low-income."

Perfect - make the kids at traditional public schools pay to go to school so that many of them drop out.

Then tar the traditional public schools as "drop-out factories" (as President Accountability likes to call traditional public schools that serve high needs students), close them down and open up more charters.

But only for-profit charters.

Because the track record of those schools in Philadelphia is so fantastic.

Oh, wait - it's not.

Oh, well -so what?

This is about profit for EMO's and lower taxes for rich people anyway.


  1. This sounds like a blatant civil rights violation. Are there ANY checks and balances for these abusive monsters?


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