Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Suing Bloomberg Over The Cathie Black Appointment

Now we're talking:

A group led by Brooklyn district leader Chris Owens announced today that they are suing Mayor Mike Bloomberg for $100 million or his appointment of Cathie Black as city schools chancellor last year.

The class action suit, filed on behalf of the city's public school parents, alleges that by appointing Black as schools chief, the mayor damaged the education of public school children throughout New York City.

"Michael Bloomberg, as Mayor, has a fiduciary obligation to act with the utmost of prudence and responsibility in running the New York City school system," the suit claims. "He either knew, or should have known, that the appointment of Black was not in the best interests of the system, but he appointed her nonetheless. By so acting, Michael Bloomberg breached his fiduciary duty to the parents of all school children in New York City public schools and is guilty of 'misfeasance of office.'"

The parents want Mayor Bloomberg to place $100 million of his own money (which they note, comes to approximately $1 million for each day of Ms. Black's nearly 100-day tenure) into a fund used for teacher training "as compensation for the damage to the morale and performance of staff and teachers, which therefore impaired the education of students."

They won't win, but it's fun to file lawsuits and make Mike respond.

Anybody know how that E.E.O.C. lawsuit against Bloomberg LP is going?

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