Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bloomberg Wants Lots Of People Living In 275 Square Foot Apartments

No, not at Rikers - in New York City!

Mayor Bloomberg launched a contest Monday to stir development of teeny-tiny apartments — called micro units — for young singles willing to cram themselves into shoebox-sized digs.

The new closetlike flats will be just 275 to 300 square feet — larger than a jail cell but smaller than a mobile home — and will have special permission to ignore city rules requiring newly built apartments to exceed 400 square feet.

“The city’s demographics have changed,” Bloomberg said. “It used to be the average household was a family, a couple of adults and some children.”

That meant that the city was filled with larger dwellings, leaving just 1 million studios and one bedrooms — not nearly enough for the 1.8 million one-and two-person households.

At a news conference Monday, the mayor announced a contest seeking a developer for about 80 micro units at a city-owned parking lot on E. 27th St. in Kips Bay.

The ministudios will be just big enough for a bathroom, kitchen and sleeping and dining areas — but Bloomberg said tenants shouldn’t plan on doing much entertaining.

Or keep any possessions.

This will be the new norm - work 12 hour days, live in a 275 square foot apartment, slave until they put you in a costly hospice to die.

All so Bloomberg and his business and corporate cronies can live in 80,000 square foot houses, own tropical islands and have two SUV's idling on the corner waiting to take them for their ride on the subway.

Welcome to 21st century New York.


  1. These sound like NYC Educator's school trailers, too.

  2. Maybe that's what the mayor will do with those trailers after he shuts down schools - turn them into "luxury" 250 square foot apartments.

  3. Mayor B. is just all business man. He sees more profit for his confederates in the Real Estate confederacy. More profits for Mayor B.'s friends is just what the Mayor wants. That is how he builds powerful corrupt relationships.

  4. Also, why are schools paying sometimes as much as twice the price, and more, for items like computers, walkie talkies, ,and other goods? This is the oldest trick in the book...overpay the vendor, and the purchaser (DOE/Bloomberg) gets a cut off the top. I wonder how many shell accounts. Scumberg has in the Bahamas..? This gifting can be implemented with the click of a mouse.That little douchbag/money changer has GOT to be making plenty of dollars from this. And if schools are forced to overpay on hardware of all kinds....imagine how bloated all of the construction contracts know....all that school construction...? They spent many millions on certain buildings 10 years ago....and I've noticed that they have started to work on same buildings again...?

  5. So, these tiny cells will become normal. I can see landlords dividing already small NYC apartments into even smaller spaces to increase their profits. I recently walked by the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. I have a feeling we may be returning to those days.