Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good For The UFT

They've won the turnaround battle with the mayor.

Now they have to defend these schools next year, as the DOE will take special aim at them in order to close them before Bloomberg leaves office.

And they have to do this without selling the rest of us out in the evaluation system fight.

Good luck with that.

I have no illusions that there won't be some sell-out on the evaluations and I've already seen how the UFT can win lawsuits over school closures, then sit on their hands while the DOE starves those schools the next year and closes them anyway.

But as always, hoping to be proven wrong by the happy conventioneers at the UFT.

So far, however, I've learned you'll never go broke expecting the UFT leadership to sell you down the river and call it a victory.

Or, as Edwize poet "Redhog" once put it about the infamous '05 sell-out contract "This scrapes the skies!"


  1. There is an old saying, "Be careful for what you wish you because you might just get it". Well, the UFT got what they wished for. Now the real work begins. The UFT now has two fronts to fight: 1) Ensuring that the 24 schools are not put under a massive microscope and micromanage every tiny detail while ensuring that teachers are being treated fairly and humanely. 2) Make darn sure that if, and I mean "If," contract/evaluation negotiations take place, that the UFT does not sell out the rank and file for an even crappier deal that we have now.