Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lawyer Says Feds Tried To "Manufacture" Case Against John Liu

The allegation against the feds was made in court today:

An indicted fund-raiser for city Comptroller John Liu claims the feds wanted him to help "manufacture" charges against the embattled mayoral hopeful.

In court this morning, a lawyer for Xing Wu "Oliver" Pan said "the facts here are so unique and disturbing" that he would seek the unprecedented dismissal of campaign-finance charges against Pan.

Defense lawyer Irwin Rochman cited the "highly improper manner in which the government dealt with Mr. Pan" prior to his arrest following a sting operation last year.

Rochman said the feds tried "to pressure Mr. Pan to help the government manufacture a case against Mr. Liu."

Rochman didn't elaborate on his allegations, and refused to do so outside court, saying more details would be contained in a motion due Sept. 10.

But he specified that the feds wanted to build a criminal case against the Queens Democrat, and "possibly some of his associates."

A spokeswoman for the Manhattan US Attorney's Office declined comment.

Liu's campaign spokesman also declined to comment.

Pan is charged with scheming with an undercover FBI agent to use phony "straw" donors to funnel $16,000 into Liu's 2013 campaign account.

The amount is more than three times the legal limit of $4,950 in contributions from a single individual.

Earlier this year, Liu all but dared the feds to bring charges against him in the case, in which his former campaign treasurer, Jia "Jenny" Hou has also been charged.

"If there is anything that my campaign is guilty of, or my supporters or my staff or by extension me, then prove it," Liu said at the time.

So far, the feds haven't proven anything, although the allegations against Liu have been damaging enough to short circuit any chance he might have had to win a race for City Hall in 2013.

Interestingly enough, one politician has been caught in a money laundering scheme to pay an associate $1.1 million dollars from his own personal account to a political operative in order to campaign finance rules.

That politician's name is Michael Bloomberg.

Funny how the politician who serves the interests of the elite 1% pays nothing for breaking campaign finance law while the politician who seems to try and serve the 99% is destroyed by campaign finance fraud allegations from a case that so far hasn't even been brought by the feds, let alone proven.

If it turns out the feds were putting pressure on Pan to "manufacture" a case against Liu, that makes this even worse.

But in a country where you are rewarded for serving the interests of the elite and punished if you try and serve the interests of the 99%, I guess none of this should be a surprise.


  1. Do not be surprised if there was a conspiracy here. Why would a prosecutor want to manufacture a case against John Liu? Either Bloomberg or one of his surrogates bought out the Manhattan District Attorney with money, favors or expectations for future favors.

  2. I have always suspected that this case against Liu had some fabrication in its mix. This was done because Bloomberg's anointed successor, MiniMe Quinn, might have some trouble gleaning votes from the outer boroughs, especially Queens. Liu would get the Asian vote for sure, so why not contrive something to extrapolate charges against Liu? I'll vote for him in the primary. Quinn is Bloomberg redux. It's time for the outer boroughs to have some say in running city, not just Manhattan, government.

  3. I too always suspected Bloombuck's fine hand in all this. Liu made him look bad too many times...

  4. Find out what the Daily News Editorial section purports, then use that to decide the other way.

    They've been pounding for educational privatization, and attacking Liu ad-nauseum.

    Screw Eva Moskowitz, Bloomberg, Bill Gates, and Arne Duncan.

    John Liu for Mayor.

  5. I still have not given up on John Liu. I knew from the start his name was being dragged through the mud because Pharaoh Bloomberg and his City Hall cronies hated his crusading spirit and his genuine populism.

    It is the Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner syndrome. As Spitzer said to me when I met him, "they always find a way to get you." Him, Weiner and Liu were all assassinated by Wall Street corporatists.

    But Liu is not licked yet. If he can prove he is being unfairly persecuted and make his case to the people, he has a real shot of being mayor. Seeing as how Bloomberg's popularity has been tanking, he has a real chance to latch on to that discontent. I might have a reason to stay in NYC if he gets elected. Let's go John Liu.

  6. I would love to see Liu exhonerated as I beieve the entire episode was orchestrated by Bloomberg and Quinn. I wonder what the UFT would do come endorsement time if Liu beats this rap and has momentum during the primaries? I will be shocked if Quinn does not receive the UFT/Randi blessing.

  7. Wonder if there is a bit of hope in something that the Daily News revealed yesterday (7/14): Liu still raked in $600K in campaign donations in the past 6 months.