Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, July 6, 2012

Chris Christie Gets Into Jersey Shore Altercation With Passerby Over Education

Mitt, please please please please please please please please please please choose New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for your running mate.

Then we'll have plenty of opportunities to see this kind of thing on the campaign trail from blowhard Christie:

TMZ got the video of this. Here's TMZ's whole story:

Things got downright HOSTILE on the Jersey Shore last night -- with NJ Governor Chris Christie getting into a heated verbal altercation right on the boardwalk ... and it was all caught on tape.

Gov. Christie (R-NJ) was hangin' with his family in Seaside Heights ... and had just ordered an ice cream cone when a passerby fired off some snide comments about Christie's policy on education.

Christie got PISSED -- and while clutching his cone, shouted back at the guy, "You're a real big shot ... you're a real big shot shootin' your mouth off."

The man shouted back, "Nah, just take care of the teachers!"

The comment only enflamed Christie ... who aggresively marched towards the guy and warned, "Keep walkin' away ... really good ... keep walkin'."

Soon after, someone in Christie's party put his arm around the 49-year-old and escorted him in the other direction.

FYI -- Christie, one of the prime contenders for the Republican Vice Presidential nomination, has recently signed legislation expanding public funding for charter schools ... a decision that has infuriated some who would prefer the money go towards struggling public schools.

Christie's temper has been making headlines after he called a reporter "stupid" and an "idiot" on Saturday for asking off-topic questions at a news conference.

Christie's camp had no comment on the story.

Really does look like an episode of Jersey Shore, doesn't it?

Please please please please please please please pick Chris Christie for VP, Governor Romney.


I mean, who else could turn a ho hum "Two Neo-Liberals With The Same Feudalization Policies" election into something as compelling as, say, WWE Wrestling, than Chris Christie going to get some ice cream?

Who else gets into two public, video-taped temper tantrums in one week, one while holding an ice cream cone in his hand?

Chris Christie is a national treasure.



  1. What a disgrace this person is. Republicans used to field candidates like Abe Lincoln. Now, Christie is their star. Talk about a fall from grace.

  2. Assailed Teacher is right. Let's face it, Christie is a loud-mouthed fat slob.