Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, July 21, 2014

Daily News Continues To Shill For The Common Core

A Siena poll released today found the following:

BY a 49-39 percent margin, voters want to see implementation of the Common Core stopped rather than continued.

Despite these numbers, Common Core-supporting newspaper the Daily News reports voters are "split" on the Core here in New York.

Here's their headline:

Voters back Cuomo; split on Common Core and hydrofracking: Siena Poll

Since when is 49%-39% - a 10 percent plurality in opposition to the Core - a "split"?

50%-50% is a split.

51%-49% is a split.

Hell, I might even go with 52%-48% is close to a split if the argument you make to back that up is good enough.

But 49%-39% is a "split"?

Nahh - that's a 10 percentage point plurality of NYers who are opposed to the Core.

Leave it to the pro-CCSS hacks at the Daily News, ever the evangelicals for the Common Core, to continue to carry the Gospel of the Common Core to the masses in their Siena poll story headline even as the masses turn against it.

No wonder the print edition of the Daily News isn't long for this world.

When you're buying a newspaper, you kinda want it to, I dunno, cover the news accurately and truthfully.

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  1. If the editorial board at the Daily News calls 49-39 a split-then they obviously need more basic math support and they are no way ready to tackle the rigorous demands of the Common Core instruction and assessments.