Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, July 25, 2014

When Does Governor Cuomo Surface?

It's been five days since Governor Cuomo appeared in public, three days since the now infamous NY Times/Moreland story revealed the extent of his administration's tampering into the Moreland Commission.

Capital Confidential puts all this in context:

The Astorino campaign has had some fun with Cuomo's disappearance:

Where is Andrew? from Rob Astorino on Vimeo.

I've had some fun on Twitter with this as well:

Despite being whereabouts unknown, Cuomo hasn't completely gone silent - he's sent out more press releases than you'd ever want to read:

Clearly Cuomo wants to send out the impression that all is well in Cuomoland, that he remains in command doing stuff even as he remains out of the public eye.

Quite frankly, I think it sends the opposite message, that he's desperate to change the subject all the while keeping out of sight to avoid having to answer any questions about Wednesday's Times/Moreland story.

In any case, he can't remain out of sight forever.

It's the summer, yes, so he's got some cover for staying hidden for now, but eventually he's got to come out of hiding.

I mean, even Mark Sanford came off the old Appalachian Trail eventually.

So, let's put the question out there:

When do you think Cuomo finally reappears in public?

And when do you think he finally takes questions about Moreland (since reappearing in public doesn't guarantee he takes questions.)

I'm betting he reappears riding his motorcycle with Billy Joel, then pulls a Reagan and makes believe he can't hear the press questions over the sounds of the motorcycle engines.

What say you out there?

When do we see Governor Cuomo in public again?

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  1. Cuomo not showing his face is interesting. You can read two things into it...either he is hiding from a weak corp of reporters he has been readily able to intimidate...or he is anticipating that indictments are coming. I hope the latter...